Stephen (from the series “Shiny voodoo or white magic”)

Size: 80.7 H x 55.1 W x 1.6 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

project “Shiny voodoo or white magic”
205x140cm, canvas acrylic (8 canvases), 2011
(was exhibited in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art)

Reflections of our “today and tomorrow” make us think of instability in economics, ecological safety, over-population, lack of mineral wealth, informational wars and so on. We can continue this list of the issues which must be solved as soon as possible.-

What can a painter or a creative person do in this situation? Blame? To be indignant? Put any questions?-

We think that definition given during the Renaissance clears up his goals: a painter like the Creator makes a world literally “from nothing” only with the help of a brush, canvas and his imagination. It means that his goal is creation the reality from artistic ways and metaphors.-

Like a magician who affects the way of events not by manipulations with a body but with a mental projection, a painter whispers his spells with the help of graphic language. He is far from simple statement of facts. Like Pygmalion, he is driven by the impetuous wish and fixed idea to materialize the idea which still has only visual forms. That is why we have called our works “Shiny voodoo or white magic”.-

We perform the duties of the Creator and perform the ritual of white magic. We practice witchcraft changing the images of the people who are responsible for our future. They are the heads of the states that are parts of G-8: Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Medvedev, Merkel, Obama and so on – people who we see every day on TV and who we trust. We use such ways as ranging and painting with light. As researchers we increase the objects of our learning, put them under the magnifying glass. By energy influence the mental bodies of the world leaders, we change them (it happens without their will), we provide them with supernatural force, we create angels of light being able to change future, making the world more fair and honest.-

Psychology of the unconscious claims that replication of our thoughts transfers an image into reality. That way looking into their eyes like into bright light and perceiving bright energy inside them, a viewer will materialize the messengers that we made. This “creation of thoughts” is the next level of the impact into reality.-

Absence of future of the current order of things made us create this project. Our goal is neither overthrow of modern political leaders nor their idolization. We deliberately transform official images of the representatives of the State power into the perfect ones. We bring the magnificence of the image till the total discrepancy with the reality. We make our own utopia thinking: “Is this world as good as it seems? and what will it be like in future?”

Keywords: politic, portrait, president, bright, brightened

Subjects: Pop Culture/Celebrity

Styles: Pop Art

Mediums: Acrylic

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