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Size: 63.5 H x 73 W x 3 in

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Painting: Oil on Aluminium and Wood.

The movement creates nine magic work of art in "Variations" as a single
Are you an art interested collector, or do you represent any recognized gallery or museum? Well here I introduce you for the first time one of the most impressive works of art of this Millennium!
For this work of 16 years ago I developed it by accident. While drawing several sketches for a series of abstract paintings that I wanted to paint, I had made one with several vertical lines and after finishing it I placed it under the other sketch I was drawing. When I finished this last sketch for that moment, I decided to cut it, without realizing that under it was the abstract sketch of vertical lines and which, without wanting to split in two, which I regretted at that moment. But after a while I noticed that several vertical lines of the same coincided with other lines by moving slightly one of its parts of the cut sketch. It was then that this "magic" change so to speak, ignited the "light bulb" of my curiosity ... the rest is history.
So after perfecting the sketch with the 9 variants, I prepared a large frame in thin light mahogany and resistant, so that it did not weigh much. After reinforcing, sealing and varnishing it, I made the two panels and mounted them precisely on two channels with wheels attached to the panels for perfect directional manual movement.
Having the frame with its panels already ready, I proceeded to cover all its surface by gluing it with sheets of golden aluminum (*), as if it were "gold leaf". And do not think that I quickly began to paint, because I had to make the whole drawing of 63½" x 73" plus 2 panels 31" x 39" ... about 48 square feet on paper! ... to then move it and "matching" all the vertical lines of both panels in each of their 9 movements or combinations ... and then, pass it by means of embossing to the golden frame and begin to paint by areas ... not easy.
(* = Laminated anodized aluminum is the best and most durable material for oil, acrylic and pastel painting discovered in 1995 by the chemist and painter Mr. Rhett Lucas. His article appeared in the magazine "The Artist Magazine" June 1995 edition )
This work of art offers a thin metallic surface, of luminous and reflective properties, being at the same time of soft texture, reason why for its enhancement it should have a golden frame of smooth surface and not so wide (perhaps with light designs) as complement to its abstract style. In addition to this, it would take a "linen lining" of approx. 1 ½ " wide for enhancement of its external beauty, serving in turn to cover or clog the channels top and bottom movement and its lateral edges. Although still has no frame, it is very likely and beneficial that it be framed for greater protection and visual enhancement.
The development for the creation of this work came from the possibility in the invention of adding a number of variants in the color and the sculptural forms of the composition by means of the combined movement, being all this an artistic design to transform of fast and continuous form, the decoration to which the work will be subjected.
I know that the spectators will experience a visual delight and satisfaction when contemplating its varied combinations projected in a single piece, being the movement the "magical" characteristic of its changes. In addition the figurative abstraction that shows the work offers to the observer a conglomerate of colorful polychrome "veining" that intensify their creative beauty in the abstract forms, which also could provoke certain ideas, memories or assimilation according to the different figures produced in the mind of each observer.
I chose the oil because it offers a greater fineness and transparency in its varied shades, and when it is plastered on a metal surface, it multiplies and revives the intensity of its colors, depending on the degree and direction of the light it receives, whether natural or artificial. Also the abstraction of the simple sculptural forms allows a more pleasant observation and light due to its curved contour lines, although it is possible to carry out other series of combinations in more elaborate and realistic works such as some of the ones that I have already made and sold, and others that I have in sketch to make, as an example: a work in relief with 4 panels and more than 24 combinations. Also I have in sketch an abstract work similar to the work "Variations" but this one is composed of 2 art works in 1 and with 8 combinations.
However this is an emotional enjoyment because every time I moved the panels ... the designs of the background that I painted with light transparencies combined, letting their metal reflection breathe to add combined depth of blue and red and covering with clear opacity in yellow sculptural forms. All these movements were increasing and altering the quantity and continuity of these forms, including the colors ... with nine "variations" and much visual delight that enriches the creative spirit ... both the artist and the observer who will be delighted with it... I hope you enjoy it.
(If this majestic work of art looks beautiful and impressive, imagine it by adding a computerized system with two small "without end" independent motors for 9 directional and combinatorial movements for the two front panels ... accompanied by lights changing of intensity at their sides and with a futuristic sound intercalated by its movements in short time ... would become the unique piece of art ... surprisingly magical of the World ! What do you think?)
P.S. = Ahh ... and let's not forget the great surprise that would reach this work of art in an auction...
For more information: nnazariobaez@yahoo.com

Keywords: Changeable, Tricolor, Abstract, Figurative, Manual, Golden Surface , Sculptural Look In 2D , 9 Art Works In 1

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract, Figurative

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Aluminium, Wood

Prints: Abstract Art Prints, Abstract Art Prints, Figurative Art Prints, Oil Art Prints, Aluminium Art Prints, Wood Art Prints

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