Wonders Painting by Matteo Sica

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Art Description

Painting: Enamel, Acrylic, Ink on Other.

Wonders, wonderful world. We gaze in awe at the creation. At night, our mouths are open and we can't utter words, we can't explain the stars. We can give our children bedtime stories, but I'm an astronaut of life and I want to touch the stars, I want to give my love the whole moon. But how many moons should there be for every lover? How many moons are there actually out there?
Do you dream and do you sing of stars? Do they glitter or are they flat and blurry. Are they far or are they near?
Let me bring some to you, a reminder to look at the night sky as often as possible. Whether you look at them or not, they look at you. And that's enough, that's a lot!

Check the photo of the details. There is texture, impasto, creaminess, and also a lot of splashes that come through the thick layer of paints.
"Wonders" was painted on a foam-core board which has fine art carton on both sides and a spongy material in the middle making it light, durable, modern and easy to frame.
It is part of a new series all centered around painting with the playful participation of water, paint, gravity, chance, and intuitive composition. All my artworks have an innate character of exploration, freedom and impulse. The fluidity of this new series of artworks of my new exhibition "MagiColor" leads the eye into landscapes from miles above, rivers looking like veins, tree branches or strands of cosmic nebulae. Besides to the curvy and wavy shapes you will enjoy particularly the creamy, complex, glossy and layered texture, so the journey of the eye is at the painting, all around and into the painting. A depth which takes you in, into dreams, and more and more colours.

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Matteo Sica
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Matteo Sica



Size: 33.1 W x 46.9 H x 0.2 in

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