evo-cation XLVII- "The Writer" Painting by Luminita Taranu

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evo-cation XLVII- "The Writer"

Luminita Taranu



Size: 47.2 W x 63 H x 2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Ink, Paper, Tempera, Watercolor on Canvas, Paper, Other.

evo-cation XLVII - "The Writer"
dim: 160 x 120 cm
materials used: acrylic paints, inks, paper and sand on canvas.
It hangs on the wall by fixings.
The work has a certificate of authenticity on the back.
The work has participated in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally, in public spaces and museums in Italy, as in catalogs.
The painting has a wooden frame, painted white, built by hand. The frame was designed and built by the Architect Pietro bagli Pennacchiotti, specifically for this work.The frame It hangs on the wall.
"This work means an important moment in my work, both from the point of view of freedom of expression plastic and formal, both from the point of view of material language used.
Freedom of communication that I have acquired over the period of the process consists in going beyond any rules of painting, without inquadrarmi defined in any current plastic recognizable.
My-won freedom it gives me the opportunity to move between the figurative and the abstract, between the gestural and informal, between quotations and surrealism using elements not to confirm a rule already exists, but to express, to communicate a state of mind and an idea in perfect harmony, beyond any convention.
Summon, within the dynamic and dialectical process of "metamorphosis" refers to mental evocation, how could it be a memory, a deep thought, a projection into the future or, as in this picture, the image of a symbolic character, Content lyrical, poetic, almost abstract atmosphere.
The intellectual aspect of the dream, represented by the figure that reads and writes, is then encoded in the sign that, in an essential way, it relates figuration to pure information.
I mean Summon even at the level of matter, using, in addition acrylics, silkscreen, water and oil, evocative materials such as paper and newspaper. Using the newspaper, removing its first layer and leaving the second, mirrored, to suggest the idea of writing without reading it, but alluderla only.
The pleasure of using materials and gestures to draw, stone lithography, brought with him a passion and respect for the materials.
The use of color is essential, because, for me, the world exists only in color, and what I want to communicate is the energy and vitality in a dynamic form."
The work has been exhibited in the following exhibitions, in Italy:
 2004 - personal exhibition titled " Metamorphosis - Evocations", organized by the Cultural Department of the City of Monte Porzio Catone , Conferences and Exhibition Hall of the Palazzo Borghese , with text written by the critic, curator and journalist Mario de Candia; web design of exhibition by arch. Pietro Bagli Pennacchiotti , sponsored by the Province of Rome, with patronage of the Embassy of Romania in Italy and the Accademia di Romania in Rome.
Catalogue available.
 2004 - personal painting , installation, painting and sculpture installed "Metamorphosis - Evocations " , a retrospective organized by the Accademia di Romania in Rome, Exhibition Hall, with text written by the art crtic, curator and journalist Mario de Candia; design exhibition by the arch. Peter Pennacchiotti Bagli , sponsored by the Province of Rome , the City of Monte Porzio Catone, Department of Culture and the Embassy of Romania in Italy. Catalog available.
Collective International Exhibition of contemporary art "LILITH", "Feminine aspect of the creation", Gallery of Modern and Contemporary art of Archaeological Museum "Scuderie Aldobrandini", organised by the Aldermanry of Culture, Municipality of Frascati, curator Maria Luisa Trevisan. Text in catalogue by Livinia Gazzetta, Primo Levi. With the participation of Italian Nobel Prize Rita Levi Montalcini. With the cultural support of Region of Lazio, Province of Rome and of the Ministry of Cultural Activities.
Catalog available.
2014- International Exhibition of Contemporary Art " XXXX PRIZE SULMONA " Municipal Diocesan Museums - Sulmona. Catalog available.



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