'Frenzy II' (Sidewinder) - Limited Edition 2 of 5


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Photography: Color, C-type and Polaroid on Other.

Photography: Color, Polaroid and C-type on Other.

Edition of 2/5, 125x156cm, 2005, analog C-Print, hand-printed by the artist

The Wild Life
by MICHAEL STOEBER translated by
George Frederick Takis

April 04, 2008 | Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

A man and a woman drive through the California desert in a Cadillac convertible. The warm wind plays with the long hair of the woman. The man has laid his right arm casually on her shoulders. The same couple. He sits in Jeans and white T-shirt on a hotel bed. The woman kneels in front of him, naked. Her head is buried in his lap. Another episode narrates in a sequence of eight pictures. The evening has begun. A bottle of whiskey is passed back and forth between the lovers. Party time. We have seen these and similar images hundreds of times. Their message is clear: Live wildly and dangerously! Find your love and follow it! Clustered within them in an exemplary manner are fantasies and desires which, often enough, we would gladly live out, without really daring to do so. Acting upon canvas and photographic paper are a host of proxies. Instead of us, it is they who experience the intoxication of freedom and adventure.

The heroine of the photos from Sidewinder (the name refers to a rattlesnake and could not be more characteristic of the anarchic, narcissistic undercurrent of these images) is the artist herself, Stefanie Schneider. Through an ad in the Internet, she found her temporary partner for this encounter and work series. Born in 1968 in Cuxhaven, Schneider today lives and works in Los Angeles and Berlin. Her pictures are Polaroids which she has photographed and enlarged.

This artistic recycling has an astounding effect. The colors of the pictures seem bleached-out. Highly artificial. Their irrealism does not leave the poses of the protagonists unaffected. The staged aspect comes clearly to the fore. Schneider's images seduce and, at the same time, present the instruments of their seduction. The expired and unpredictable Polaroid material on which they are based mirrors in a highly visible manner both the stubbornness and the fragility of our projections.

These are sensual and intelligent works. Don't miss them!

Opening tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the Galerie Drees, Weidendamm 15. Until May 31.

Keywords: Relationship, Polaroid, Desert, Sidewinder, Love

Subjects: Love

Styles: Fine Art, Conceptual, Modern

Mediums: Color, C-type, Polaroid

Materials: Other

Prints: Love Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Conceptual Art Prints, Modern Art Prints, Color Art Prints, C-type Art Prints, Polaroid Art Prints, Other Art Prints

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