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Art Description

Photography: Digital, C-type and Color on Paper.

Description: From the series 'THE VOYEUR', Image 1 of 3.Using fashion images, I'm expressing a personal point of view on the issue of voyeurism and scopophilia in photography, and how much those are influencing the artist. The images recreate the triangle between the surveyors ( in this case one of the characters portrayed - male or female- plus the photographer/viewer) and the surveyed (most of the time a woman, especially if the photographer is a male hetero). In all three images we can subtly feel the presence of the real intruder behind the scene: the photographer. The surveyor is, in reality, always surveyed (Photographer/Viewer). The surveyed is under surveillance twice: by the surveyor and by the photographer/viewer.

Keywords: Beauty, Portrait, Tableau, Fine Art, Gamour, Fashion

Subjects: World Culture

Styles: Fashion, Fine Art, Modern, Portraiture

Mediums: Digital, C-type, Color

Materials: Paper

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