Transit 3 Photograph by Carla Timoc

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Art Description

Photography: Polaroid on Paper.

The project is in itself a documentation and observation of the space transit showed by the journey between two somehow opposite points, being the hometown and the city where I am now showing the balance between adulthood and childhood, an ideal age at an ideal point. It is that thin line between past and present wich is a common point with polaroid photo wich is the main tool of my documentation. It is also a contemplative point of my evolution and the evolution of man in general - from childhood to the point where you relatively leave your roots , and detach yourself from the familiar and go to the strange point of your life when maturity is needed and your evolution is necessary. It’s a life’s journey and I believe it’s the most exciting part of our lives and I think we should really grow to appreciate it rather than seeing it through a negative perception.




Transit 3

Carla Timoc



Size: 3 W x 4 H x 2.1 in

This artwork is not for sale.