Untitled - Limited Edition 4 of 10 Photograph by Zdeněk Sokol

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Art Description

Photography: Black & White on Paper.

Author's contact copy from negative 13x18cm to 18x24cm silver iodine paper.
Signed and numbered on the reverse side of the photograph.

The Brotherhood

The group Brotherhood (1989–1993) was founded by photographers, painters, writers and musicians Václav Jirásek, Petr Krejzek, Martin Findeis, Roman A. Muselik, Zdeněk Sokol, Pavel Jirásek, Ondřej Jirásek, Aleš Čuma.

The group was founded in the romantic sectarian tradition of artistic fraternities, inspired mainly by the brotherhood of the Pre-Raphaelites. Its members created and exhibited exclusively under the collective signature of the Brotherhood. Their range of historical motifs (archetypal characters, fairy-tale and mythical beings) began surprisingly in the late 1980s
by referring to the heroic agitating characters of socialist realism of the 1950s, shifted to
a slightly different level by exaggerated gestures, bizarre attributes, references to contemporary fashion and pop culture. The Brotherhood's first exhibition in 1989 caused
a wave of criticism and misunderstanding, as well as accusations of political agitation of the exhibited works. After the fall of the totalitarian regime, one of the photographs "Our eyes will never shine again as in 1951", whose name was later changed to "Truth Will Win," was used in official materials of the Civic Forum (OF) and became part of revolutionary visual mythology.

The Brotherhood Manifesto, written on December 22, 1989 at the First Brotherhood Congress in Brno-Černá Pole, commented on the higher form of mystical collectivism, the desire
for absolute beauty and perfection in connection with decay and decadence. The Brotherhood emphasizes craftsmanship, the return to the perfection of old forms, eclecticism and historicism, but in conjunction with the media of modern pop culture. The culture of poetism and Slavic sentiment is important for the Brotherhood. Mixing opposites. The formation
of the group was inspired by Mannerism, Baroque, Symbolism and decadence.
By its very nature, the Brotherhood is spiritually concentrated in the mystical symbol
of the Hedgehog Cult.



Untitled - Limited Edition 4 of 10

Zdeněk Sokol

Czech Republic


Size: 7.1 W x 5.1 H x 0 in

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