"Ice Palace" Sculpture by Joel Shapses

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"Ice Palace"

Joel Shapses

United States


Size: 10 W x 26 H x 6 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Stone on Stone.

Alabaster is a stone. Alabaster is the common name for soft, smooth, fine-grained sedimentary gypsum rock. Generally white or delicately shaded and translucent, alabaster of substantial thickness (1-2 inches) allows light to pass through it. Deposits of alabaster are found in many countries of the world such as England, Belgium, India, Turkey, Cyprus, United States of America, Italy and Spain. Quarried in open pits, veins of alabaster are found 12-20 feet below the surface. The rocks are normally 16"-20" in height and 2-3 feet in diameter.
This month’s featured sculpture is entitled “Ice Palace”.
Before I came up with the title I was looking for a stone which was pure with no veining and translucent. The stone I chose fit all the requirements as seen in the picture at my studio shown here.
I was not sure what I wanted create but after studying the stone and found that it was solid with no defects some ideas came to mind.
I decided that this sculpture would be carved thin so that the natural translucency the stone could be incorporated into the design. While I worked on the stone shape of the stone gave me the idea of ice crystals. After it was finished it became “Ice Palace”





Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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