LA TRAMPA DEL DESTELLO Sculpture by Adriana Carambia

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Art Description

Sculpture: Glass, Latex, Resin on Glass.

However brutal it may seem, there is no scar
that does not embody beauty.
An isolated history is told there, with certain pain.
But also its end.
So scars are the seams of memory,
an imperfect ending that cures us, while harming us.
The form that time finds to ensure we never forget our wounds”
Piedad Bonnett

My experience and training in clinical psychoanalysis has left a strong imprint on my artistic and social vision.
The construction of my works is driven by the questioning that arises in me before the subject and consequently the need to investigate their fragmentation, their body and the connection with the world they inhabit.
The images of nature, its spirit and its forms, as well as the erotic charge they have, are the trigger of the organic constructions that live within my work.
I investigate intuitively using non-conventional materials.
I build bodies. Appealing to the material’s fragility such as paper, fabric and glass, I emphasize that primary, human fragility.
I make it possible for their marks, scars, fibers and connections to appear.
At the creation, I “illuminate what is hidden to us”, as a narrative of the body, I color, materialize and break it, “metaphorising” the fragmentations of the body and the subject.

In a “tramp of flash”, the brightness of a piece of glass on the ground dazzled me.
The material has its own history, its own tale.
A tale that lets us read a social context, where it belongs, its lineage.
It has a symbolic impression. Plate numbers, makes of cars, provenance maybe seen.
The marks in the material are deep, are indissoluble and necessary; underlying the subject
The fragmentation of the glass is the consequence of an act of violence, fate, an accident, etc.
On its surface, , we can "look at ourselves," because it creates a mirror effect. We are identified.
That mirror reflection evokes a word. It makes us talk.
Therefore, it triggers the talk.
It's beautiful, it looks like a precious stone, shines, glints.
It invites us to touch it.
It cuts.




Adriana Carambia



Size: 27.6 W x 29.5 H x 43.3 in

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