Primary Defense Sculpture by James Kelsey

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, Steel, Stone, Found Objects on Stainless Steel, Steel, Stone, Other.

This Sculpture is a rare work I created from re-purposed steel. I found it at a scrap yard used by the local Naval Shipyard as they cut ships apart.

On the round disk are the USN and USA numbers used by the military in the construction of the War Ship. The workers at the recycling yard had cut it down to the shape you currently see, and I salvaged it and created a 3-dimensional depth. (contact for more images).

The concept: To take a modern War Ship back to a shield and spears. There are lead "points" on the spears.

The rust-patina looks very leather-like and the work has been coated in a clear enamel. (Preferably this will be an INDOOR piece.)


Primary Defense

James Kelsey

United States


Size: 48 W x 104 H x 18 in

Ships in a Crate

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