Reaching Out Sculpture by Ofer Rubin

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, Steel, Gold on Steel, Other.

The feminine body is stretching upwards as if trying to jump out of the cement holding her in place.

In the body sculpting process I use metal mesh to create space, muscle tissue and bone, yet the semitransparent mesh allows the viewer an objective interpretation to the naked human body in space.

By using everyday materials, tough, rough, and massive, which usually are unseen, covered and are below the surface - concrete, steel mesh and overcoat of color – the sculpture come to the center of the space.

The use of these materials to create human bodies, vulnerable, rounded, yet muscular fortified eager for battle - make the process of the creation complex and full of emotional intensity.

Power and basic materials on the one hand with outstretched hands up and sideways without shame on the other, trying to convey a feeling of sculptures trying to continue, expand and leap out of the base castings which fixes them in place, and look like branches that end in a kind of unraveling and falling apart in space.

The semitransparent sculpture in space gives the viewer a new angle and changes from different directions, and so keeps evolving when surrounding it.

The sculptures are created by hand, without using any templates or casts. Each sculpture is one of a kind.



Reaching Out

Ofer Rubin



Size: 11 W x 54 H x 9 in

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