Square Universe Sculpture by Maria Bouquet

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Square Universe

Maria Bouquet

United States


Size: 20 W x 20 H x 2.5 D in

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Artist Recognition

link - Artist featured in a collection

Artist featured in a collection

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Showed at the The Other Art Fair

Art Description

Sculpture: LED, Lights, Paper, Wood, Polycarbonate on Wood.

(Light Art piece battery operated)

The En-Lighten project consists of a series of paintings and light installations conceived as an exercise of reflection on light within myself and upon the viewer. Ancient cultures from different latitudes recognized and singled out geometrical forms present in nature that were constant. This appears in Pre Columbian cultures such as the Mexica, the Chavín and the Quechua, from which I draw the inspiration to create pictorial works and mathematical configurations through the use of light looms. The hexagons that give shape to the cells in a honeycomb, the spirals of a shell and infinite series of circles that make up for a flower create the luminous landscapes, the fields of color and define the shape of the light in my work. Modern science encodes a finding in the discovery of the golden number, letter or proportion: Thau, Phi, 1,6180339887498948…thus until dematerializing into mathematical forms and symbols with which the universe as we know it is constructed. It has been observed that the molecular forms that constitute the pilar of life sometimes encompass the same patterns identified in ancient cultures. And it is this very knowledge of sacred symbols and mathematical formulas that enabled, from the construction of many historical buildings like the great pyramids of Egypt, the Greek Parthenon, the intricate temples in Latin America and the iron skyscrapers in New York, to the crystal structures and the lithium of the digital era. The En- Lighten series is inspired in this system of universal design in which the creative energy is organized through natural geometrical patterns. This is a series of works, dynamic and 3D, that create a dialogue with the viewer’s vision. They come from the illusion that our very vision exists as a consequence of light. The pieces set out to alter the notions of light and volume in the perceptive experience. In this way, what is sensed is a group of floating objects that generate an infinite space of colors. As configurations or mandalas with rhythms and variations, they provoke in the beholder an inner dialogue. My aim is to drive the viewer into a state similar to the one experienced in meditation, to enable a state of amazement, to suspend temporarily the constant flow of information to gain awareness, even if only for a few seconds, of the wonder of existence




Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

Artist featured by Saatchi Art in a collection

Showed at the The Other Art Fair

Handpicked to show at The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art in New York