Universal Sound Sculpture by Rudy Rahme

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Universal Sound

Rudy Rahme



Size: 10 W x 17 H x 3 in

This artwork is not for sale.
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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood, Bronze, Metal on Bronze, Wood.

When we were children, we used to put the shell close to our ears so we could hear the sound of waves. As such, we could hear the sound of our ears that we inherited from our grandfathers and ancestors over the years, so we can hear what’s inside the shell and it can hear as well all your secrets. The noise and the silence, the universal sound in which God is communicating with us.

We hear all these by our ears and when the shell hears the music of the ground, of the waves, of the seasons, the first and last voyage, the music of fish cries in rivers and seas.

Under the water, in this seashell, secrets are being composed and in fact, a long period of time has passed before removing the shell, therefore, it can tell us these secrets.

Put this seashell close to your ear and you will know the age of earth, as our ears can know the age of earth in others, in their words that are God’s words.