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Astrid de Geuser

Rouen, Normandy, France


Astrid de Geuser is french visual artist. Sculptor, painter and contemplative of the Living world. By using multiple techniques and materials, she gives birth to hybrid beings of mixed essences, paying homage to the fauna, the flora and their interactions. Thanks to her past as an illustrator, where...


Apparition thumb

Painting47.2 W x 34.6 H x 1.6 D in

Prints from $69

Echo des Songes thumb

Painting25.6 W x 48 H x 1.4 D in

Prints from $91

Phoresia thumb

Sculpture37.4 W x 37.4 H x 9.8 D in

Prints from $65

Snow Orb thumb

Sculpture17.7 W x 21.7 H x 13 D in

Prints from $65

Lueur d'Ombres thumb

Painting35.4 W x 35.4 H x 1.2 D in

Rêve Ailé thumb

Painting35.4 W x 35.4 H x 1.2 D in

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