Peter de Boer

Peter de Boer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Peter de Boer

Painter Peter de Boer (Den Helder, 1979) feels strongly connected to the sea. Intense nature experiences such as described and painted in Romanticism are a source of inspiration and starting point for de Boer. On a surfboard in the North Sea, surrounded by nothing but sea and swell, with a view of the horizon or towards the beach and dunes. In it he finds an image of the infinite, the passive contemplation of the eternal, during a temporary moment.
The horizon is a foothold but at the same time is a natural limit that indicates infinity. When the sun disappears behind it, a sense of time and transience arises. Perhaps that is why we often let ourselves be tempted into melancholy when we set our sights on the horizon.

De Boer often shows a path leading to the sea in his seascapes and dune landscapes. The sea as a destination or goal is a metaphor for freedom. Sometimes there are people in the landscapes or seascapes. Surfers, beachcombers and naval heroes; it is those who are attracted to the sea.
His paintings are an aesthetic rendition of freedom and infinity, but at the same time show a sublime threat that frightens us as it transforms from rippling to a savage lure.

When, in those days, travelers pulled blindfolded through the Alps in order not to see the cruel nature, in nature as we know it the traces of human presence are almost always visible in the landscape. This human presence deems Boer as both reassuring and disturbing.
Reassuring because it indicates that the area is not completely inhospitable, a certain safety is experienced, if one is 'among the people' or sees another ship or cabin, one is not alone. Unification with nature does not seem to be reserved for man. Although nature can evoke aesthetic pleasures, at the same time it turns out to be inhospitable. But in this case, with signs of human presence, the landscape seems tamed and under control.
Disturbing, on the other hand, because the same humanity peoples, depletes, pollutes and even destroys the natural beauty with ever increasing speed. The balance turns out to go completely the wrong way and environmental organizations worldwide raise alarms. Do we still know how to turn the tide in time, do we still gain insight and do we go into action before it is too late?


Amsterdamse Hogeschool v/d Kunsten (Netherlands)
Hogeschool v/d Kunsten Utrecht (Netherlands)



November 2019: Loods 6 Popinnart, Amsterdam (NL)


March 2020: Artery, Munich (DE)

October 2019: Art The Hague with Popinnart

Sep-nov 2019: Rundstedt Contemporary, Duesseldorf (DE)

Aug 2019: GIFC at He.Ro Gallery Amsterdam (NL)

April 2019: Loods 6 'Great artist steal' with collective Popinnart, Amsterdam (NL)

March 2019: The Other Art Fair LA (USA)

Sep - Oct 2018: Surf EXPO open atelier, Amsterdam (NL)

May - Jul 2018: Exhibition at Galerie Posthuys, Texel (NL)

May - Sep 2018: Exhibition at Gallery Poppinart, Amsterdam (NL)

Jul 2017: Summershow Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam (NL)

Apr - May 2017: Exhibition Jungle in Modern Times at Kunstenaarssociëteit De Kring| Amsterdam (NL)

Dec 2016: Exhibition at HSBC Duesseldorf, Germany

1 Jun 2016 - 10 Jul 2016 : Exhibition Galerie Posthuys| De Koog - Texel (NL)

4 Jun 2016 - 16 Jul 2016 : Exhibition SBK Breda| Breda (NL)

Feb 10 - feb 14 2016: Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair with Galerie Nasty Alice| Rotterdam (NL)

Dec 2015 - Dec 2016 : Exhibition at Museum Villa Zebra| Rotterdam (NL)
Participation in the exhibition THUIS

Until Dec 20th 2015: Exhibition at Galerie Nasty Alice| Eindhoven (NL)
Participation in the exhibition WOEST

May 09 - Jun 21 2015 : Exhibition at Galerie Posthuys| De Koog - Texel (NL)

Feb 27 - May 1 2015 : Exhibition at headoffice Shell| The Hague (NL)
Exhibition 'Paintings by Peter de Boer'

Feb 05 - 08 2015 : Art Venture Rotterdam| (NL)
On ship 'Venture' at the quay at Fenixloods, next to the Rijnhavenbridge (Katendrecht), Rotterdam

Dec 27 - 30 2014 : AIR 10 Art In Redlight| Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL)
Art Fair in Amsterdam | Damrak 277

Sep 26|27|28 2014 : Art-venture: raw steel & fin art| Amsterdam (NL)
Art Venture NDSM Werf – a/d pier naast Pllek Private view 25 september 18.00 – 21.00 / Expositie 26 t/m 28 sept. 12.00 – 18.00 Artventurious 27 sept. 18.00 – 21.00 / Entree gratis

Okt 4|5 2014 : Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt| Amsterdam (NL)
Gelderse kade 32B, between 12.00 and 18.00 h

Until April 11 2014 : v.Rundstedt & Partner GmbH Personalberatung | Düsseldorf (DE)
Exhibition "ZwischenRäume" with Ralf Westerhof | Königsallee 70

Jan 19 2014 : Exhibition Kriterion| Amsterdam (NL)
An exhibition with Jean-Philippe Paumier | Roeterstraat 170

Jan 5 2014 : Coffee Bru | Amsterdam (NL)
An exhibition about surfing with Jean-Philipppe Paumier, opens 16.00 h | Beukenplein 14-H

Dec 26 - 30 2013 : AIR 9 Art In Redlight| Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL)
Art Fair in Amsterdam | Damrak 277

Okt 5 and 6 2013 : Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt | Amsterdam (NL)
Atelier exhibition | Gelderse Kade 32-B

Jul 3 2013 : Live painting for Syrious Mission | Amsterdam (NL)
Auction of live painting in Ostadetheater | van Ostadestraat 233d

Mar 3 2013 : Auction Meerbusch | Meerbusch (DE)

Nov- Dec 2012 : Finissage Galerie RudolfV | Amsterdam (NL)
Group exhibition | Kerkstraat 427

Jan 2012 : OLVG Prinsengracht| Amsterdam (NL)
'Winter Vader' Solo exhibition, paintings | Prinsengracht 769

Apr 9 - 24 2011 : Stedelijk IJburg | Amsterdam (NL)
Group exhibition at the temporary museum on IJburg.

Apr 16 - 21 2011 : Delicatessen Zeeburg | Amsterdam (NL)

2010 : Exhibition at v.Rundstedt & Partner GmbH Personalberatung| Düsseldorf (DE)
'Fluchtpunkte' exhibition with Alexander Ernst Voigt, paintings | Köningsalllee 70

2006 : Citibank | Düsseldorf (DE)
Solo exhibiton |

2006 : Helderse Kunstliga School 7| Den Helder (NL)
Solo exhibition| Weststraat 110-1

2005 and 2007 : Open Ateliers Den Helder Kunstroute| Den Helder (NL)
Atelier exhibition | Weststraat 110-2

Since 2004 : Galerie Windkracht 13| Den Helder (NL)
Various group exhibitions | Weststraat 112-114