Beatrice Cloake FRSA NAPA

Beatrice Cloake FRSA NAPA

Hythe, Kent, United Kingdom

About Beatrice Cloake FRSA NAPA

I was born in the World of Art in France 1946 on the top of my father studio. He was a Master in Stained glass windows.
I spent my youth looking through glass of all colours. I adored the colours falling on the floor when the sun was playing on our windows. I grew up following my father, not producing stained glass but learning Art, painting in Oil, watercolour and Pastel.
It was not long before I was truly addicted to painting and designing.
Through his work, I have met many artists. All of them with different styles, different ideas. We had long conversations that stimulated my appetite for becoming an individual artist.
I married a British citizen and came to live on the South coast of UK in 1970 where I found all my inspiration.
It was not until my three children started school that I could truly turn to my passion.
At first, I painted in Oil and Pastel.
Then I discovered Acrylic and its merit. I produced many paintings.
I was told that Watercolour was not a serious medium and staid away from it for a very long time. Something that I regret.
Once I got painting with this magical medium, I discovered a new passion that took me to a different style.
I love its softness, either impressionistic or realistic.
I produce landscape, seascape, still life, portrait, wildlife and whatever stimulate my interest.


My father who had remarkably become successful, did not see the need to send me to "Les Beaux Art" he told me I had learnt everything that was needing to know.
He had taken me to museums, art galleries, given me many books and demos.
I am entirely grateful to him.


Member of the National Acrylic Painters Association (NAPA)
Fellow of Royal Society of Arts
UK Coloured Pencils Society
Designers and Artists Copyright Society
Associate member of American Watercolour Society
Listed in Who's Who in Art
Founder and Curator of Grandmasters of Fine


Many exhibitions with NAPA in UK
Exhibition with International Society of Acrylic Painters in America
Royal Henley Regattas
One man show with watercolour
Two man show in Canterbury UK in Acrylic
Art Fair Edinburgh
Westminster London with SAA