Beth Louella

Beth Louella

London, United Kingdom

About Beth Louella

I have been a prolific creator all my life, I am passionate about communicating visually and have studied Art to postgraduate level in the UK. I am particularly interested in expressing the unseen. I am continually inspired by people and outdoor spaces and it is this inspiration I aim to capture in my work. I focus largely on the human form and explore a range of emotional / social factors through symbolism, composition and colour. I work with a range of media, especially paint and I often create mixed media pieces on paper and canvas. My work contains elements of realism and expressionism, tone is fragmented, compositions are dynamic and colours are bold. Identity is a strong reoccurring theme in my work, especially in relation to gender, heritage and spirituality.


National Diploma in Art and Design – Distinction (2000) Berkshire School of Arts and Design - University of the Arts London, UK.

BA Hons in Visual Communication specialising in Illustration - 2:1 (2003) Birmingham Institute of Art and Design - Birmingham City University, UK.

Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Art and Design at Secondary level -Distinction (2006) Reading University, UK.


CARISCC, multiple locations throughout the UK (London 1, Glasgow, London 2, Leeds and Birmingham) – June 2017 to June 2018
WhatIsItToBeHuman: touring Art galleries throughout the United Kingdom – May 2015 until May 2016
Solo Exhibition: The Drawing Room Art Gallery, Isle of Man – July 2014
Thames Path Artists: Christchurch Centre, Henley – May 2014
D & R: Arch Gallery, London – June 2013
Shoreditch Launch: Spitz Shoreditch, London – July 2007
Reading University Exhibition: Reading – October 2005
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design Exhibition: Birmingham – June 2003
Collaboration: The Space, Birmingham – March 2002