Jean-Yves Roumieu

Jean-Yves Roumieu

Paris, Paris, France

About Jean-Yves Roumieu

Currently living and working in Paris, France

- Can you tell us a bit about your artistic approach? (Style, medium and specific techniques).
I have a real predilection for pen and ink drawings. the flow of the ink, the smooth paper, the contrast between the black and white... as a technique, i fell in love with hatching, engraving and the use of fine line.

- What was your first contact with art?
My parents always love art in every forms ( paintings, drawings, sketchings, etc). So i was born in that idea that art deserve to be read, see and love.

Born and raise in Guadeloupe, franch west indies. As a young boy, we make several trip in different country, visiting churchs, museum and i fell in love with Litterature especially antique, medieval and classic. The work of Dore, the architectural drawings of Canaletto, the dark beauty of Caravage and Rembrandt. As you imagine i finish by study art, history, theology and philosophy. i continue to work on my latin with the dream to be a professor. Move to Canada a few years ago for the university and finally finish by fell desesperately in the hospitality industry, there are a certain beauty to serve people, make them smile and sometime forget the harsh reality, heard thousands of stories. I live principally in Montreal and Toronto. Still loving Art and drawing. And finally, i just came back in France.

- Can you write a quote / phrase that best represents you as an artist ?
Honnestly, maybe just try to live your life "like a novel that everyone like to read".