Beverly Morrison

Beverly Morrison

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Beverly Morrison

At the heart of it, I’m a storyteller. I try to capture a certain emotional state within a physical narrative. As many artists, I’m a translator of sorts. Sculptures emerge through me from a realm of study, awareness and symbiosis between myself and the clay.

Though my work is influenced from a diverse pool of inspiration; such as nature and the human form, I explore ways to surface and texture my sculptures within the confines of preserving a sense of balance and fluidity within abstract/contemporary forms. As a result, the work manifests a certain primitive elegance.

Clay, itself, is an incredibly powerful material. It absorbs. It remembers. It has its own set of rules and characteristics...just as every person does. It is the flesh of the Earth and working with it calls for a certain act of devotion. Though most importantly, clay has always felt like a natural extension of myself. It’s bold, yet subtle nature allows me to express my narratives with a certain understanding and ease.


B.A. CSULB in Studio Art


2020 - Resolved Evolved - Presented by the Female Design Council for LA Design Festival - Live on Incollect Sept 24 - Oct 23

2019 - Brea Gallery - "Made in California" - May 4 - June 28th, 2019

2019 - Epperson Gallery - "Clay Matters"

2017 Visions in Clay - LH Horton Jr Gallery - Stockton, CA

2017 International Ceramic Exhibition - Blue Line Gallery - Roseville, CA

2016 - Petite Beauty - Jed Malitz Gallery V2 - New Orleans, LA

2014 Group Show Fall 2014 - Keystone Art Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
2014 Master Blasters of Sculpture VI - The Hive Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
2014 Generate Group Show - Keystone Art Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
2011 Illusions of Reality - Sedona Artist Coalition - Sedona, AZ
2010 Faculty Art Exhibtion - Verde Valley Community College - Clarkdale, AZ
1998 Puno do Fusione - Galleria Vialarga - Florence, Italy