Benjamin Ortleb

Benjamin Ortleb

Kleinmachnow, Brandenburg, Germany

About Benjamin Ortleb

I was born in 1965 in Berlin. At the age of 15 I started painting seriously and had my first exhibition two years later in the Berliner Philharmonie. I went to nude painting in class of Andre Bednarczik in Berlin, spent a month in Salzburg at the Sommerakademie to start lithography, graduated as a graphic-designer in 1991, became a webmaster in 2000 and made my MA at the University of the Arts in Berlin ("Institute of Art in Context). Since 1998 Im also working as an art-workshop teacher in private schools and youth facilites. I am a member of the Japan-Germany Contemporary Fine Arts Exchange Association led by Sohachi Shimomisse in Kyoto and also of the BVBK (Brandenburger Verband Bildender Knstler)I live and work as an Art teacher, freelance artist, graphic/webdesigner and musician in Kleinmachnow, Brandenburg Germany.The year of generating images on the computer was the initial spark to use them as templates for large scale paintings. What Im using now are stills, fragments and press photos from newspapers, books and movies. The conceptual idea is to take a closer look on violence and catastrophes and transfer them into a new aesthetic surrounding where the actual scenes of horror and fear are mixed with fascination. Changes in colour, partly achieved through polarized effects, gradations, complementary colours and shades of monochromes, give way to emphasize the relation between content und realities.


1965 born in Berlin
1985 High School
1981-1988 Nude painting at class with André Bednarczik’s
Printing techniques at Atelier Rheinstrasse with Stephan Halbscheffel
Lithography workshop at the Summer Academy Salzburg, Austria with Werner Otte
Painting at Deutsche Oper Berlin
1988-1991 Graphic-Design at Lette-Verein Berlin
1992-1997 Studies USA, Europe, Asia
Artist-In-Residence at Klaus Ihlenfeld (sculptor), Barto, PA.
Print Assistant at Bert Ihlenfeld & Associates Carmel, CA.
1998 Birth of Julian Jerome
2000 Webmaster at Institut L4, Berlin
2001-2004 Master of Arts/Art in Context at Institut für Kunst im Kontext, Universität der Künste Berlin
2007-2010 Bachelor of Education (Kunst/Englisch), Universität Potsdam
2010-2012 Master of Education (Kunst/Englisch), Universität Potsdam
2012-2013 Internship 2. State Exam
Since 1992 Freelance fine artist and graphic designer
Since 1998 Art Workshop guidance at Youth facilities and schools
Since 2000 Member of the Japan-Germany Contemporary Fine Arts Exchange Association
Since 2006 Creative workshop at Verein Jugend im Museum e.V. Berlin
Since 2007 Member of the Brandenburger Verein Bildender Künstler (BVBK)
Since 2012 Art teacher

Besides painting and drawing I am fond of generating electronic music. On Soundcloud I have uploaded a variety of tracks that combine Jazz, Elektro, House, Ambient, Downbeat and Fusion elements into a new hybrid. As a remixer on MetaPop I received a lot of feedback and won many prizes. Feel free to visist and share.


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Ben's Garage

Benjamin Ortleb - “Through a looking glass - Collected Works – 1988-2018”
[Bilder – Fotos – Assemblagen - Grafiken – Objekte – Tonträger]

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Live Electronics via “Maschine”, „Spray Action” (wie mache ich eine coole Schablone?), so wie Late Summer Ambience (LSA not D!) und eine Spur von Coffee-(Toffee)Fee, OJ (Simpson!), Sekt & Selters (Westernhagen!) runden das One-Day-Event ab.

Let the sunshine in and bring your friends!

Samstag, der 1. September 2018 von 15 – 19 Uhr

artlab-studio | Ben’s Garage
Benjamin Ortleb
Unterberg 16
14532 Kleinmachnow


One man shows
1983 Musikerfoyer der Berliner Philharmonie
1984 Praxis Dr. Karimi-Kreuter, Galerie Laubach Berlin
1985 Dresdner Bank
1986 Praxis Dr. Cornelia Wolschner
1987 Café Odeon
1988 Firma Krone Berlin
1989 Haus Olszewski
1990 Software AG Berlin
1992 Galerie für Energien aller ART
1993 Galerie "At the roof", 1st. Set, Nürnberger Versicherungen Berlin, Galerie "At the roof", 2nd. Set, Musikerfoyer der Berliner Philharmonie
1994 Galerie "At the roof", 3rd. Set. Colloquium Galerie Wannsee, Praxis Dr. Frohloff
1995 Galerie "At the roof", 4th.u.5th. Set
1996 Hotel Steigenberger Berlin
Galerie "At the roof", 6th. Set
1997 Bork & Partner Potsdam, Bali-Kino Zehlendorf, Galerie "At the roof", 7th. Set
1998 Kammerspiele Kleinmachnow
1999 Galerie "At the roof", 8th. Set
2000 Steinway & Sons Berlin
2001 Galerie "At the roof" 9th. Set
2002 Galerie Romstedt, Potsdam
2003 Landtag Potsdam, Gallery San, Kyoto
2004 Praxis Dr. Ulli Wolschner, Galerie "At the roof", 10th. Set
2006 Potsdamer Landtag, Galerie "At the roof", 11th. Set
2009 OD-OS Retina Care Unlimited, Teltow
2012 Bali-Kino Zehlendorf - "Tense (E)motion on Canvas"
2013 Trafo.1 Galerie Falkenhagen "Grooves-Musical Portraits on Vinyl", Bali-Kino Zehlendorf - "Der (Still) Stand der Bilder"
2014 Rathaus Kleinmachnow "The Past Inside the Present"
2016 Bali-Kino Zehlendorf - "Au delà des écrans blanc"
2017 Kunstfabrik Schlot Club Berlin "Vinyl Art"
2018 Bali-Kino Zehlendorf - "Close up"
2019 Rathaus Kleinmachnow "The World According to Mr. RayBen"
2020 Nachlese 8 zum Brandenburgischen Kunstpreis
2004-2018 "Ben's Garage", Kleinmachnow