Bridgit Taylor

Bridgit Taylor

Atlanta, GA, United States

About Bridgit Taylor

Bridgit Taylor is a self-taught artist from Denver Colorado who has been creating art since childhood. She has a passion for abstract design and loves to incorporate nature and heart felt feelings within her work. Bridgit opened her own Decorative and Faux Finish business in San Francisco in 2000. Her projects have been featured in publications of Loft Life, Faux Effects International World,, and In-Design of Atlanta magazines. Most recently she was named one of the winners for I.O Metro Furniture stores 2012 & 2014 local artist contest in which her work entitled "Silverflame" was reproduced for sale February 2015 in all 18 of their stores and online for the spring. Her work has also been curated and added to a gallery collection by Rebecca Wilson, Director of Saatchi Gallery, London inspired by Gerhard Richter for the "Moody" piece at: Bridgit is studying drawing and painting at the Academy of Art San Francisco where she was awarded her first scholarship for her portfolio to be accepted.

Artist Statement
This is truly my belief as an artist as it is said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder.." Growing up in Colorado I was surrounded by the majestic magic of the Rocky Mountains which inspired me to love texture, different color hues and scale. What I see in my mind... I create just that. My expression of the interpretation is then complete for those to see, feel, and have thoughts about their own opinion regarding the piece. I love for people to create something in their mind that brings different feelings about art to the forefront. I draw with charcoal and paint with mixed media such as oil, acrylics, and my favorite is metallic plaster because it gives such added interest and texture. I sometimes incorporate different types of sheen, such as: Mica (ground up stone) and glass flakes to the piece to bring out more movement so the art dances right before your eyes.


San Francisco Academy of Art University, University of Phoenix Visual Communications


Art Box Project - Miami 2016

Art Box Project - Basel Switzerland 2017