The Art of Cane

The Art of Cane

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

About The Art of Cane

Riccardo Nannini a.k.a. Cane (Italy, 1980) is a lowbrow artist based in Barcelona, Spain.
He starts his artistic production in 2014.

Since the first works, characterized by a strong punk aesthetic, Cane has recently mixed up his story-telling ability with a much elaborated artistic work; moreover, his influences comes from a variety of artists and backgrounds: from italian comic’s masters Andrea Pazienza and Benito Jacovitti through the flemish painters Bosch and Bruegel the Elder and connecting with the contemporary lowbrow and popsurrealist scene.


Upcoming shows

November – Karen 19 Gallery – (Melbourne, Australia)

Collective Exhibitions

December – Art Emergent Banc Sabadell (Sabadell, Spain)
November – Horny Gallery – (Sevilla, Spain)
November – Fabrica Moritz (Barcelona, Spain)
October – Horny Gallery – (Barcelona, Spain)

December – Art Emergent Banc Sabadell (Sabadell, Spain)
October – Base (Milan, Italy)
January – Limbo – Choko Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)

November – Purgatory – Hell Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)
May – Studiostore (Barcelona, Spain)
February – Espai Corretger 5 (Barcelona, Spain)

December – Escalera de Incendios (Barcelona, Spain)
September – Fantasy Visions – Choko Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)
July – Barcelona Drawing City – Galerie Le Marais (Paris, France)
June – Espiritu 23 (Madrid, Spain)


Solo Exhibitions

July – Mundo Cane - Haimney Gallery – (Barcelona, Spain)

Travelling and street actions around Europe and Usa. No exhibitions

June – Relationships – Mutuo Centro de Arte (Barcelona, Spain)

June – Rotten Hedonism – Hell Gallery (Barcelona, Spain) – Duet with Michele Guidarini

July – Crossing Dreams – Mutuo Centro de Arte (Barcelona, Spain) - Installation
June – Just Some Artworks – Artevistas Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)

September – Canewood – Mutuo Centro de Arte (Barcelona, Spain) – Installation
May – Through the Mirror – 33/45 Gallery (Barcelona, Spain) – Duet with Miguel Leal
May – Smile, if you can – Mutuo Centro De Arte (Barcelona, Spain)
January – Between Egypt and Indonesia – Artevistas Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)