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Catherine Johnston

Ararat, Victoria, Australia



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Nothing is impossible... some things may just take longer to figure out.


Preconception thumb

Sculpture90.6 W x 47.2 H x 31.5 D in

To Have and To Hold thumb

Sculpture7.1 W x 4.7 H x 8.7 D in

Old Macdonald thumb

Sculpture31.5 W x 45.3 H x 31.5 D in

White noise thumb

Photography53.5 W x 35.8 H x 0.1 D in

Personal Baggage thumb

Sculpture19.7 W x 12.2 H x 9.8 D in

Handle with Care thumb

Sculpture66.9 W x 74.8 H x 82.7 D in

Time Bomb thumb

Sculpture59.1 W x 55.1 H x 78.7 D in

Promised me a rose garden thumb

Sculpture118.1 W x 19.7 H x 118.1 D in

White Noise thumb

Photography2 W x 35.8 H x 53.5 D in

Skin Deep thumb

Sculpture19.7 W x 13.8 H x 19.7 D in

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