Lilya Chavaga

Lilya Chavaga

Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

About Lilya Chavaga

Through the means of painting, mixed media and video art, I explore the cultural dissonance within a post-soviet modern state and its relationship to issues of historical heritage, politics, cultural conflict and interpretational ambiguity.
Combining flat images and historical photographs with textural accents, threads and prints, I strive to underline the rich cultural symbolism and history within the original works, as well as draw attention to the creation of new meanings through modern interpretation. By underlining the shift in accents and the introduction of present day paradigms, I strive to open up to discussion contemporary phenomena and the idiosyncratic elements within society. Deliberately overlapping symbolic meanings, I explore the fluidity of historic precedence and its symbiotic relationship to past and future.
My artwork not only addresses the anthropologic and sociological dimensions, but also delves into the human emotional state through abstract paintings. Colored layers of varying opacity and intensity illustrate the emotional and cognitive landscape of human experience. The pieces I create are essentially an exploration of individual encounters with the self and its history in spheres both public and private


Art School,Volnovakha, Donetsk region, Ukraine
Contemporary Art School at MODERN ART RESEARCH INSTITUTE, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kiev
School of visual communication "collage course" in Kyiv, Ukraine
Donetsk National University, MA in Applied Economics,


Special choice of curator of Mutabor Ukrainian festival of modern art
Take part at "Print Fest 2016"
Winner of the biennial fashion Illustrations "Imago"


Mechanism of evolution /Modern art research institute / Kyiv / Ukraine
Young artist’s festival / Mystetskyi Arsenal/Kyv/Ukraine
Photo July / PLATFORMA art factory /Kyiv / Ukraine

"White noise" Museum of Dreams /Kyiv
"" art space SKLO /Kyiv
"Art wednesday" IZOLYATSIA platform for Cultural Initiatives /Kyiv
"Around the axis"/PLATFORMA art factory /Kyiv / Ukraine
"Print Fest 2016", IZOLYATSIA platform for Cultural Initiatives
"Recipe for utopia"/Modern art research institute / Kyiv / Ukraine
"Tomorrow" DEC camp art residence exibition /Kyiv History Museum/Kyev/Ukraine
"IMAGO Internation Binnale fashion illustration /Mystetskyi Arsenal/Kyv/Ukraine

"The Coefficient of Independence" / America House / Kyiv
"Time-like reality" / Modern art research institute / Kyiv
"Gogolfest" art festival /Kyiv
"Feldman art park"/ Kharkiv
"Gorizontal" project from Arts Council Ukraine /Kyiv
Final short list "COMFY ART PRIZE", Ukraine
Special choice of curator of "Mutabor Ukrainian festival of modern art", Ukraine
Winner "IMAGO" Internation Binnale fashion illustration, Ukraine fashion week 2016