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Cherie Bender

Florida , FL

About Cherie Bender

Born & currently residing in America, I now live in a luscious, tropical environment, which is a direct opposite of where I grew up: snowy & wintry, although quite Magical, Edinburgh, Scotland. I miss the purple heather!
I hope to visit the UK & London again but My last visit to London, England, was very sad,just before the Sunami hit. I spent a sad reflective 5 minutes in silence at Heathrow, along with everyone in the airport, in honor of that tragedy. So I do hope to return to England at a better time.
I am absolutely committed to creating art in exciting different ways using traditional techniques. My major interest is drawing and painting with a little photography thrown in.
I may say that lightly but actually I majored in photography on Scholarship to Barry College, but I was attracted to having more control and I worked hard to develop my technique in drawing & painting until it pleased me. My medium is oil on canvas or wood, I create hand painted photographs and lately work in oils & pastels with Swarovski Crystals, which I then video. I like to draw because it is simple and shows the skeleton of the work I do.
I'm working now on a new body of work comprising of using Swarovski Crystals in my paintings & drawings to bring in the light to dark places. I show here on my oil painting "Meltdown" with Swarovski
I am having a good time recently,creating a Magical Cookbook, as I do have a secret love affair with magic, fairies, elves and fantasy.


I attended Art Center In Pasadena, California and graduated from the University of Miami majoring in Fine & Graphic Art, where oil painting was my speciality.
Art Center Pasadena,California 1986
I attended Barry College, Miami Shores, Florida on scholarship


I am now finishing up the demolition and reconstruction of my kitchen, which is now reborn & transformed into my Cappuccino Kitchen. I'm writing a Magical Cookbook: Cherie Bender's Glitter Book Of Magical Cooking with illustrations photography and paintings.
This is an unusual cookbook with Gourmet recipes for Health, Beauty and Longevity.
There will be cooking parties & videos posted on the internet very soon, to support the finished book. I am actually doing the cooking and testing my recipes. I have just discovered the show about baking coming from England which is interesting as I have already done drawings of the deserts I will feature in my book.


I am currently in the permanent collection in a private family Museum in Athens, Greece with two of my iconic oil paintings "Crown Of Thorns" & "The Green Madonna" both which have been published in Art In America Magazine. Please visit my web: & go to the news section for the latest group shows I participate in or one man shows. I am also a blogger & you may find me here: