Christakis Christou

Christakis Christou

Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, Greece

About Christakis Christou

I was born in Cyprus and I have studied Architecture, graduating in 1995 with a thesis entitled "Myth-historical topography", a land-art project, being my first step towards a new descipline the one of Art.
After working for three years in an office producing mainly stage-design projects, I was awarded with the scholarship in sculpture from the National Institute of Scholarships of Greece and continued my studies in sculpture in K.I.A.D in Canterbury, England.
I received a Master's degree in Fine Art in 2000 and since then I 've been working as a sculptor.
My work is dealing with matters of form and space, which means that incudes Installations, Land art projects, Design of monuments and Drawing as a tool of understanding reality, expressing emotions and ideas as well as a preliminary stage for sculpture projects
I am also concerned on the human figure and how it is placed in space. My work has a morfology that reflects my relation with the history of art from the ancient to the contemporary.


MASTER OF ARTS IN FINE ART from the Kent Institute Of Art and Design in 2000
Awarded from the National Institute of Scholarships of Greece with the Scholarship for a Masters Degree in Sculpture in 1999
Graduated from the Architectural school of Thessaloniki 1995


1993-1995 installations in the landscape of Cavo Greco in Cyprus for the realization of the project "myth historical Topography"

1996-98 partcipation in various projects as an associate in a team responsiple for :
Opening ceremony for the inauguration of Thessalloniki as cultural capital of europe for the year 1997 and design of a number of excibitions and cultural events
2004 installation of the sculpture"Penelope" in the seascape of Porto Valitsa in Halkidiki.
2017 participation as an associate in the project "
open call" in the 6th biennale of Thessaloniki


1996 participation in a group Excibition of architectural projects with the project
"myth historical topography"
1997 Participating in projects relating with "thessaloniki cultural capital of europe 1997"

2000 group excibition of master graduates of K.I.A.D. in Canterbury with the installation project "Helen"
2001 participation in the excibition of the Drawing Biennale in the Polish Art Foundation in Melbourne
2003 solo excibition in Thessaloniki entitled "metonymies"
2005 solo excibition in Apocalypse Gallery in Cyprus . entitled , "testimony"
2008 solo excibition in Apocalypse Gallery in Cyprus entitled ,"scenes of peace"2010 solo excibition in Apocalypse Gallery in Cyprus entitled ,"machine of homecoming"
2015 solo excibition in Apocalypse Gallery in Cyprus entitled,"exercises in Clay and the wife of Lot"
2018 solo excibition in Nicosia Cyprus entitled "exercises on paper in search of the form"