Dimitra Christinaki

Dimitra Christinaki

Chania, Crete, Greece

About Dimitra Christinaki

For her creating art is a constant experiment on how composing shapes, colors, textures, techniques, or even objects with ready concepts on them, is creating certain visual but also spiritual results.
Further more creating art for her is a self healing process, a reconnection with inner world and ,at worst times, a safe place to be.


Isolated from city influences, in a small village of Chania, Crete, she has her first painting lessons from her father, Christos Christinakis. As a teenager she has also architectural designing lessons and starts her studies into National Technical University of Athens. Graduates in 2001 from the civil engineer department of N.T.U.A and returns in Crete. She works into houses building projects both design and construction part.
At the same time she has painting lessons in colour and design next to several local artists.
Between 2015-2017 she attends and graduates from the painting department in the Vocational Training Institute of Chania.


In 2013 she starts her gallery operation Alchimia, in Georgioupolis village, Chania, Crete. Alchimia gallery is still active owning a collection of art works created by her as well by other greek and non greek artists. In the gallery, she also keeps an art studio, where she works and gives art lessons to adults and kids.

In 2016 she gives 3d modeling, Autocad design lessons at the Vocational Training Institute of Rethimno, in Interior design department.


Group exhibitions:
2009 Melchisedek, Chania Crete
2010 Yali jamisi, Chania Crete
2012 Kavros, Apocoronas art group
2013 >>
2014 >>
2015 >>
2016 -Rethimnnon, Apocoronas art group
- Chania, Sabionara, painting department of Vocational Training Institute of Chania
2018 - Chania, Mediterranean center of Architecture, “ Faces and Masks of 21th century” katarti association.
- Rethimnon, papie mache art sculpture, Maderi Art gallery.
2019 - “Since childhood”, Chania, Mediterranean center of Architecture & House of Civilization, Rethymno
2020 - “ego whithout alter” House of Civilization, Rethymno

Solo exhibitions:
2017 - Tsepeto art studio, Rethimnon, “Young friends, old Dreams” .
- “Motivation” Neorio Moro sailing club, Chania,
2018 - “Rusty Knives” , megalo O, Chania