vittorio carminati

vittorio carminati

Biella, Italy

About vittorio carminati

Born in Torino,on february 17th , 1992

Principally focused on oil mediums related techniques this artist explore Art world mostly through internet.
Here he started his experience as art seller, thank to he found his first way for taking contact with art buyers and appreciators, considering this as one of the most direct methods for linking his to the others artist works.
Vittorio has a free vision of the art world, his inspiration came from many triggers he get during the course of his living, but he also get inspired from other artist works he like (which he consider as triggers),bringing in his research variety and meaning.
Colors are his primary subject, using them he try to sing about his emotional world,letting him get in touch with the deeper part of him , learning from himself about himself.
The process he use could changes as subjects does; “I like to practice different techniques, often I change the way I work changing subject, style or instrument exploring the language of abstract painting.
I usually get inspired by shapes and colors, often I have ideas related to them and I like to play with the sensation they suggest”.


Self-taught painter,considering internet as a creativity catalyst, but not an excuse for avoiding the older art world