Consolata Radicati di Primeglio

Consolata Radicati di Primeglio

Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

About Consolata Radicati di Primeglio

Italian, born in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1971, where she grew up and studied.

She obtained an "Illustration" Diploma from Milan's Istituto Europeo di Design in 1993 and a Master in Business Administration from Business School Lausanne in 1994.

After living in various cities of the world (Milan, Madrid, Sao Paulo, London, Sevilla, Parma, and Bologna) she moved back to where she grew up, in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Consolata has been painting since 2002, developing an abstract and symbolic form of art, mostly aiming at colours, matter and the emotions they generate.

She has been creating Home Decoration accessories since 2005. (Link:

“My paintings choose the colours of nature, life and matter.
Anyone who approaches them sees the reflection of what is concealed in his soul, of which sometimes he is not even aware: emotions, feelings, present or future situations of life, profound states of mind and then excitement.
Nearly all my works have one element in common, the circle: it has no beginning, no end, no direction or orientation, and often becomes a symbol of the sky, of divinity and of all that is spiritual. Perfection, eternity, harmony, infinity, completeness, union, a single line whose ends join together to be absorbed one in the other, the spirit and the immateriality of the soul.
A magic and celestial symbolism.
The circle is the sky, the cycle of life, time. Its movement is perfect, unchanging, without any beginning, end or variation.
The circle is a sacred space, a temple, a sanctuary, a source of energies and spiritual forces. The circle is an insuperable limit that provides protection, from the first nomad communities to the magic traditions of the ancient Babylonians, to medieval religious rituals and renaissance ceremonies, to oriental philosophies, a deposit of degrees of knowledge, the transposition of cosmogonic imagery.
A mandala of unknown and longed-for worlds.”


BSL, Business School Lausanne
School year 1994 · MBA in Business Administration · Master Degree in Business Administration

IED Istituto Europeo di Design
School year 1993 · Illustration · Turin, Italy



Collective Exhibition: paintings – sculptures – photography
Lausanne (Switzerland) – Swiss Art Space, April 2-18, 2015

2015 – PRINTEMPS 2015
Collective Exhibition: paintings – sculptures – photography
Lausanne (Switzerland) – Swiss Art Space, March 12-28, 2015

2014 – 1st CREATIVITY BIENNALE in Italy
Collective Exhibition: paintings – sculptures – photography - design – videoart Verona - Palaexpo, February 12-16, 2014

2013 – “AD AETERNUM / IN ETERNO”– Palazzo Pontificio Maffei Marescotti, Galleria la Pigna
Collective Exhibition: Paintings
Vatican City (Italy) – Galleria La Pigna, December 04-13, 2013
Organiser & curator: Guido Folco

2013 – BIENNALE MUSEO MIIT– Museo Internazionale Italia Arte
Collective Exhibition: Paintings & Sculptures
Torino (Italy) – Museo Internazionale Italia Arte, November 08-23, 2013
Organiser & curator: Guido Folco
Link: Biennale Museo MIIT

2013 – ABSTRACTA in GALLERIA – Arte dell’Istinto e dell’Intelletto
Collective Exhibition of 8 artists: Abstract Paintings & Sculptures
Mantua (Italy) – ArteArte Gallery, September 14-29, 2013
Organiser & curator: Barbara Ghisi

2013 – OPEN 16 – International Exhibition
Collective Exhibition – Sculptures, Installations, Paintings & Photography
Venice (Italy)- Lido & Isola di San Servolo, August 29th – Sept 29th, 2013
Organiser & curator: Paolo De Grandis (PDG Arte Communications)
Co- Curator: Carlotta Scarpa
Link: Open 16, Venice (Italy)

EAT 2007 – Nutrirsi d’Arte
2° National Paintings Collective Exhibition
Torino (Italy) – Villa Tesoriera, March 20th – April 1st, 2007
Organised by the Italian Art in the World Onlus Association

2006 - Bordertime Art – Riflessioni sul tempo
Collective Exhibition of 14 artists
Parma (Italy), December 12-19th, 2006
Under the patronage of the Municipality of Parma
Curator: Giovanna Tomasi


2016 – Personal Ehibition
Lausanne, Espace DémArt
Septembre 14-16th, 2016

2013 - Colori attraverso lo Specchio
Bologna (Italy), Private Garden View
June 19-21, 2013
Link: Bologna 19.06.2013

2007 - Couleurs et Sensations
Aubonne (Switzerland), Domaine de Bougy
October 4-7th, 2007

2007 - Sensazioni e Colori
Noceto (Parma – Italy), Castello della Musica (Rocca dei Sanvitale)
March 31st – April 1st, 2007
Under the patronage of the Municipality of Noceto