Cosetta Arzuffi

Cosetta Arzuffi

Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy

About Cosetta Arzuffi

Cosetta Arzuffi was born in Zanica, Bergamo and is the daughter of art.
She approaches to painting very young, first under the guidance of his father Arturo, musician, then atelier paternal uncle Pasquale Arzuffi that directs the classical composition.
After the professional studies she attends figuratively drawing classes at the Marangoni Institute in Milan.
She continues her artistic training under the guidance of Luigi Arzuffi and the painter Piero Urbani.
She learned the art of engraving by the painter Ignazio Nicoli, also attended the ancient painting courses, painting and wood restoration.
Since 1970 she participates in the artistic life with personal and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.
Since 1985 she dedicates to the research studies of light, color and symbolic expression of thought.
In 1994, she was appointed for the three years from 1994 to 1997 full member of the diocesan commission for the Sacred Art of Bergamo.
His works are in public and private collections in Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Australia, Malawi, Israel (Jerusalem) and at M.A.C.S. (Museum of Art and Culture Of Sacred Lombardia- Roman Bergamo -Italy).

Of you have written:
Lino Lazzari, Federico Honnegger, Cesare Rota Nodari, Cristina Roots, Antonio De Santis, Ettore Sornaga, Giuseppe Sala, Sergio Tinaglia, Bruno Cassinelli, Luigi Cannizzaro, Silvana Galizzi, Saints Molino, Silvano Manco, John Berera, Lorenzo Geroldi.


1958 she began her artistic education addressed to classical composition in the studio of Master painter and fresco painter PASQUALE ARZUFFI, paternal uncle, in Bergamo.
1961-1963 she attended a complete drawing training as a fashion designer, organized by the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and hold in Bergamo, sponsored by CONSORZIO PROVINCIALE per L’ISTRUZIONE TECNICA di BERGAMO, she graduated in 1963.
1967 under the guidance of Master engraver IGNATIUS NICOLI in Bergamo she learned the art of engraving.
1975 in the studio of Maestro Professor PIERO URBANI in Bergamo, she continued her classical training while making the practice of ancient painting and painting and wood restoration.
1977 - 1978 - 1979 she perfected in figure drawn by attending courses organized by SOCIETA’ DELLE ARTI BERGAMO.
From 1985 she devoted herself to the research studies of light, colors, of symbolic expression and conceptual expression.


1980 Poland - Warsaw
Polish television channel
“ Flash back of a life”
TV show written by Sergio Tinaglia translated into Polish
related to 12 illustrations

1989 Italy - Piazza Brembana - Bergamo
Comunity Center “ Don Stefano Palla”
Wall Art

1994 Italy - Bergamo
The poetic mediation of Bergamo’s bishop AMADEI ROBERTO
on the painting contemplating the birth of Jesus

1996 Italy - Bergamo
The Mercy Art: Painting lectio on “La Pietà”
San Lorenzo Church - Parish of the Cathedral
Painted during the 1995 - 1996, rapporteur Don Giuseppe Sala

1997 Italy - Bergamo
"Go beyond" report on the subject “When word became symbol”
Convention Center John XXIII in Bergamo

1998 Italy - Bergamo
Installation and blessing of new icons
presented by Don Sergio Colombo
Redona parish

2000 Italy - Florence
A Crucifix table is placed in contemplation
Santa Maria all'Antella

2OO8 Italy - Rome
Personal audience with Pope Benedict XVI
Blessing of Pope Saint John XXIII portrait, made in year 2007

2009 Italy - Milan
Umberto Veronesi Foundation
Performed large painting for the World Congress "Science for Peace"
which involved more than 20 Nobel Prizes
held at Bocconi University in Milan

2010 Italy - Rome
Interview by RAI-1 and RAI-2 on "Mysterium" works,
exhibited in the church of Saints Bartholomew and Alexander
Piazza Colonna in Rome

2010 Italy - Rome
Conference and discussion on “Total Artwork Mysterium"
with students of "Luiss University" in Rome

2010 Italy - Jerusalem
Painting "I am the Light of the world"
located in the new church of the "International Center of Spirituality and Bible Training"
in Jerusalem

2011 Italy - Bergamo
Installation paintings on "GENERATION"
in the Parish Church of Longuelo (Bergamo)


Personal exhibition
1977 Italy - Bergamo. “ARTEUROPA” via Giorgio Paglia n° 28 Alberto Fumagalli.
1977 - Holland - Ensschede. GALERIE D’EENDT - Hoofstraat 35.
1978 - Belgium Bruxelles. GALERIE MARBACH - 272 Rue de la belle vue.
1978 - Canada - Quebec. GALERIE MARTIN - 148 Rue de la pompe.
1980 - Italy - Bergamo. GALLERIA 38.
1985 - Italy - Bergamo. GALLERIA 38.
1987 - Italy - Bergamo. GALLERIA 38.
1996 - Italy - Redona - Bergamo. Chiesa Minore “Sette tele che contemplano la passione di Cristo”.
2OO9 -Italy - Bussana Vecchia - Sanremo. “Memory” Chiesa Santa Maria delle Grazie. Centro laboratorio aperto & Ass. Muta Mentis.
2010 Italy – Rome. “Misterium ” - The passion. Chiesa dei “Santi Bartolomeo e Alessandro” Piazza Colonna.

Collective exhibition from 1984
1984 Italy - San Pellegrino Terme - Bergamo. “Primavera di San Pellegrino Terme” - Centro Culturale Studi Esteri Milano.
1984 Italy -Vertova - Bergamo. “13°Rassegna di pittura del comune di Vertova” - Assessorato al Turismo e Spettacolo.
1984 Italy - Bergamo. “Quattro per Quattro” . GALLERIA 38.
1985 Italy - Cologno al Serio - Bergamo. “Mostra Nazionale di Pittura e Scultura Contemporanea” - Salone cassa Rurale ed Artigiana Cologno al Serio.
1985 Italy - Bergamo. “Ieri, Oggi…..” - GALLERIA 38.
1985 Italy - Vertova - Bergamo. “14° Rassegna di pittura del comune di Vertova” Assessorato al Turismo e spettacolo.
1985 Italy - Bergamo. “Gli Affreschi” - GALLERIA 38.
1986 Italy - Bergamo. “Otto Marzo: è per la donna” Teatro Sociale - Amministrazione Provinciale
1986 Italy - Bergamo. “9 x 16,5” - GALLERIA 38.
1986 Italy - Bergamo. “Aria di carnevale”- GALLERIA 38.
1987 Italy - Vertova - Bergamo. “16° rassegna di pittura” Assessorato alla Pubblica istruzione e Cultura
Biblioteca Civica.
1987 Italy - Bergamo. “8x19”- GALLERIA 38.
1988 Italy - Bergamo. “25 Artisti per l’Oasi” - GALLERIA 38.
1988 Italy - Calvenzano - Bergamo. Rassegna di Pittura “CALVENTIANUM” - Biblioteca Comunale.
1988 Italy - Milano. “Quattro Artisti Bergamaschi” Centro Studi De Gasperi Via Manzoni 31.
1988 Italy - Vertova - Bergamo. “17° Rassegna di Pittura” Assessorato alla Pubblica Istruzione e Cultura
Biblioteca Civica.
1989 Italy - Vertova - Bergamo. “18° Rassegna di Pittura”Assessorato alla Pubblica Istruzione e Cultura
Biblioteca Civica.
1989 Italy - Osio Sotto - Bergamo. “Pittura Contemporanea” Comune di Osio Sotto.
1990 Italy - Vertova - Bergamo. “19° Rassegna di pittura” Assessorato alla Pubblica Istruzione e Cultura
Biblioteca Civica.
1991 Italy - Bergamo. “Cuore di Pietra” dipinti su Pietra -GALLERIA 38.
1991 Italy - Cologno Monzese - Milano. “Fra Gioco e illusione” Centro Studi Nuova Dimensione - Assessorato alla Cultura.
1992 Italy - Bergamo. “Arte e Sport” Assessorato alla Pubblica Istruzione.
1992 Italy - Bergamo. “Carnevale a Teatro” Mostra “ Masques Et Bergamasques” Sale Teatro Donizzetti - Assessorato allo Spettacolo.
1994 Italy - Bergamo. “Arte Con il Cuore” Assessorati Cultura e istruzione - Provincia di Bergamo.
1995 Italy - Bergamo. “Mostra d’Arte Contemporanea” Centro Culturale Delle Grazie.
1996 Italy - Bergamo. “ARTISTI” Teatro Sociale- Città Alta.
1997 Italy - Ponte San Pietro - Bergamo. “Pittori e Scultori Bergamaschi” Rotary Club Bergamo - Fondazione Famiglia Legler.
1997 Italy - Bergamo. “Come un Prodigio” Incontri con l’arte - Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII.
1999 Italy - Bergamo. “Rassegna di Artisti Bergamaschi” Centro culturale San Bartolomeo Collaborazione Galleria Mighelangelo.
2005 Italy - Bergamo. “Quadrato per La Ricerca” Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Fondazione A.R.M.R. ( Opera acquisita in collezione dalla Provincia di Bergamo).
2008 Italy - Bergamo. Teatro donizzetti “Quattro Artisti” - Installazione - Foyer.
2009 Italy - Curno - Bergamo. “6 Artisti in Comune” Assessorato alla Cultura Comune di Curno.