Sławomir Golonko

Sławomir Golonko

Hajnowka-Dubiny, Podlaskie, Poland

About Sławomir Golonko

I would like to introduce my works. Made of metal mesh, referring in form and shape to a human (heads, torsos, whole figures). I am interested in human interior (what is hidden in us). And the metal mesh is a material that symbolically allows it to penetrate into the interior of a person and differently interpret the beauty locked in a transparent form. Sculptures, beys-relief (standing or hanging), some of them are also lightened (with own installation). They are made out of metal mesh on a wooden or metal construction. I also recommend statues made with the same technique. 
In 2016 I founded Manufacture of Dreams in close cooperation with Progress Eco. I work there designing and making prototypes of furniture, lighting, glass, souvenirs. All prototypes feature material: woven or welded stainless steel material.
https://youtu.be/MrMQyRs-mag https://youtu.be/Bgazp7aCcKE


1987 High school taught me how to work in metal and wood, which I transformed into both flat and three-dimensional forms. 1987-95 Studies in Departments of: Wood Technology, Forestry, Artistic Education.


I pursue a lot of kinds of fine arts, starting with sculpturing and bas-relief, through furniture designing, elements of clothing, ending with decorations and interior designing. I cooperate inter alia with TVP as a stage designer (since 2006 I have been a member of Polish Stage Artists Association - stage designing section) and design decoration for various projects (artistic performances, concerts, company parties, art&music meetings, campaigns, etc.)
I designed a few statuettes made with the use of openwork technique (wire, net) for companies (TVP President awards for International Festival of Film and Television Schools トMediaschool" in Lodz, 2004 and XXX International Film Festival in Gdynia, 2005) The sculptures, reliefs-bas and design are presented at Vivid Gallery, Wroclaw, 4 Kosciuszko Square; Legal office Kondrat, 223/1 Niepodleglosci Street, Warsaw;


Individual exhibitions:
Merry-Go-Round of Coolture Project, Recording Studio, Warsaw, 2003
Merry-Go-Round of Coolture Project, Qult Club, Warsaw, 2004
Merry-Go-Round of Coolture Project, Piekarnia Club, Warsaw, 2004
Merry-Go-Round of Coolture Project, Interferie Medical Spa Hotel, Świnoujscie, 2012
CTN Gallery, Metropol Hotel, Warsaw, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008-2012
KLER Gallery, furniture shop KLER, Warsaw, 2004
Wannalook Gallery, Warsaw, 2005
“Galicia” Multikultural Festival, Castle in Krasiczyn, Poland, 2003
“Galicia” Multikultural Festival, Theatre J. Zaborskeho, Presov, Slovakia, 2004
“Galicia” Multikultural Festival, Centre of Modern Art, Lviv, Ukraine, 2005
Presentation of my works in “Beauty Salon” (TV programme), 2004-2006 in TVP 2
Sarenka Gallery, Bialowieza, 2007, 2010-2017
BUW, Warsaw, 2008
Arts Club, Council of Europe, Strasburg, France, 2008
Sluzew Community Centre, Warsaw, 2010-2013
Club&Cafe, „Mała-Czarna”, Warsaw, 2010,2011
Centre of Culture, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland, 2013
Hoover Square, Warsaw, Performance, 2013
Casinos Poland Gallery, Hotel Marriott, Warsaw, 2013
Legal office Kondrat, Warsaw, 2013-2020
Art Gallery, DST, Kielce, 2016
Zielona Gallery, Warsaw, 2018

Collective exhibitions:
Ursynow Community Centre, Warsaw, 1999
Europejska Gallery, Europejski Hotel, Warsaw, 1999, 2000
Sarenka Gallery, Bialowieza, 2010-2018
Pitti Style, Warsaw, 2015-2016
Parallax Art Fair, London, 2015
Gabriel Fine Arts, London, 2015-2016
Vivid Gallery, Wroclaw, 2016-2020
Galeria Gaudi, Madrid, 2016-2017
Your Art Maison Gallery, Space Design, Warsaw; 2017
Art Gallery Koneser, Warsaw, 2019
Przechodnia Gallery, Warsaw, Krakow, 2019