Dan Campbell

Dan Campbell

Morrisville, NC, United States

About Dan Campbell

I’m hooked on vibrant color and bold, sweeping, powerful brush and palette knife strokes. I take a modern approach to impressionism, exploring representational subjects with a spontaneous abstract twist. I also favor the freedom of abstract expressionism and creating compositions with freewheeling brush strokes. The creativity in “blurring the lines” of reality is the signature of my work. My own style and intention is to bring a passion, drama, and energy to a painting so that it catches your eye from across the room!

I think of painting as part painting and part sculpting. The textures in a painting can play as strong a role as the colors in the creative process. I also mix in techniques like pouring, dripping, splattering, layering, cracking, and scraping in many of my paintings. I use acrylic paint predominantly for its versatility. I am also exploring more oil works of late and mixing mediums.

I studied commercial art in college before life changed direction and raising a family and making a living in the business world took center stage. In my “Awakening”, I circled back to my real passion, working as a full time artist. It has been a wondrous and wonderful journey!


George Mason University, Fairfax Va
BS Education
Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, Va
Commercial Art


Arlington (Va) Festival of the Arts, April 2018
Raleigh Bluegrass Festival, September 2017
Durham Centerfest, North Carolina, September 2017
Durham Centerfest, North Carolina, September 2016
Fest in the West, Cary NC, May 2016, May 2017
Durham Centerfest, North Carolina, September 2015
Hilton Head Art Festival, South Carolina, May 2015
Azalea Art Festival, Wilmington NC April 2014


The North Ridge Art Gala, Juried Art Show, March 2018
The Art of Rock and Roll, Gallery C, September 2017
CVA Art Ball, NC Nuseum of Art, March 2017
Bowties & Butterfly Gala at NC Museum of Art, March 2016
Colors of the Coast, River to Sea Gallery, Wilmington NC, August 2016
Cary Visual Art Ball, NC Museum of Art, March 2017
Art-Music Fusion, Village Art Circle Gallery, Cary, NC February 2016
Manifestationz Art Gallery, Cary NC September 26-October 2014
4 Artist Exhibition, Gordon Munro Fine Art Gallery, January 2015
The Art of Abstraction, Gordon Munro Fine Art Gallery, Cary NC August 2014