David Oliveira

David Oliveira

Lisbon, Lisbo, Portugal

About David Oliveira

David Oliveira main interest lies in studying the visual perception applied to sculpture using the visual language of drawing. He has been participating in solo and group exhibitions since 2005 in Portugal and abroad, being a permanent presence in Fairs since 2005 (ARCO, Just Mad, SWAB Barcelona, ArtBeat Istanbul, ARTESANTANDER and Lisbon Contemporary Art Fair). His innovative approach to sculpture has made him won recognition and prizes in Portugal, future projects include exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England, Greece, Turkey, Brazil and United States and collaborations with designers and architects, fashion designers and photographers.



Degree in Sculpture by Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, 2008

Attended the Master of Arts Anatomy at Fine Arts in Lisbon, 2010-2011