David Pujado

David Pujado

Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

About David Pujado

Self-thought photographer, I tried to educate my eyes looking thousand photographies and visiting as many exhibitions as possible... the rest shot, shot and shot. My weapons... Pentax, mainly analogue cameras but also in last times digital.

As photographer... I'm never looking the happines, my motivations use to be the decadence, melancholy, the sandez... my sensations I am after faces that mirror my soul ... that is, if the face is a mirror of the soul.

My preferences?

, people, architecture/symetries, black & white

Montse Ordoñez, an Spanish Cultural Manager, wrote about my work:

David Pujadó is that photographer who likes to move with simplici

ty and minimalism, which cultivates silence around the image, something that appears very easy when in fact it is quite difficult. He knows how to unlock the soul at which he looks at and he accomplishes to penetrate and permeate that usually very difficult to reach place. His gray tones become subtle, with few elements he gets us to travel to other worlds, deeply inhabited with alienated gazes full of loneliness. We find ourselves facing one of those beings whose light and talent give a soul to each of his images.



June 2016. Finalist Photo Competition 1er Certamen Int. Fotografia Staf Magazine. 2016. Spain.

September 2015. Finalist Photo Competition Gijón está de Foto. 2015. Spain.

September 2015. Selected Photo Competition Experimento BIO 2015. Spain.

April 2015. Finalist Photo Competition Fotoarte V-G 2015. Spain.

January 2015. Finalist Photo Competition Autoportret by ReFoto Magazine. Serbia.

November 2014. Finalist Photo Competition IX Gijón está de foto. 2014. Spain.

July 2014. Finalist Photo Competition Fotoarte V-G 2014. Spain.

December 2013. Winner Photo Competition OS20. Spain.

December 2012. Winner Photo Competition Picturing Berlin, by Vimonda Projektrum. Germany.

February 2012. Winner Photo Competiton IV Certamen Fotografía Analógica by Revista Almiar. Spain.



Group Exhibition. "Freedom on the road" Viennau. Viena. From 8th December 2015.

Solo Exhibition. "Once". Dom kulture Studianske Grad. New Belgrade. September 2015.

Solo Exhibition. "barceLonetA". Galerija Process.
Belgrade. September 2015.

Group Exhibition. #Egallery. Belgrade. From 4th June 2015.

Group Exhibition. Fotoarte V-G 2015. Vitoria. May 2015.

Solo Exhibition. Yugoslav Architecture-Existing Past. Galerija Zavod. Belgrade. May 2015.

Group Exhibition. "Travellers". Blank Wall Gallery. Athens. Greece. May 2015.

Group Exhibition. "ReFoto konkursa – Autoportret" Galerija Artget. Belgrade. January 2015.

Solo exhibition. "Jugoslavenska arhitektura: Proslost koja traje". UK Parabrod. Belgrade. November 2014.

Group Exhibition. "Fotografía y Ferrocarril". Estación ADIF. Teruel. October 2014.

55. Oktobarski Salon. "Gems from our past". Belgrade. September 2014.

Group Exhibition. Fotoarte V-G 2014. Vitoria. September 2014.

Solo exhibition. "Haime Hil de Biedma kroz fotografiju". Gallery Cervantes Institute. Belgrade. September 2014.

Group Exhibition. "Umetnost u javnom prostoru / Beograd za putnike u prvom susretu". Zeleznicka. Belgrade. July 2014.

Solo exhibition. "Fragments". Galerija Zecevic. Belgrade. July 2014.

Solo exhibition. "Urban Portraits". Meduza. Belgrade. December 2013.

Solo exhibition. "Fotografiant Gil de Biedma". Biblioteca Districte 5. Terrassa. May 2013.

Group Exhibition. Night of Museums. Eurocentar Gallery. Belgrade. May 2013.

Solo exhibition. "Jazz & Rolls". Cekaonica. Belgrade. April 2013.

Solo exhibition. "Tempelhof... Departure Point". Cekaonica. Belgrade. February 2013.

Solo exhibition. "Tempelhof... Punt se Sortida". Espai Català Roca-Golferichs. Bercelona. December 2012.

Online exhibition. "To be or not to be". www.anormalmag.com December 2012.

Online exhibition. "Primer aniversario". www.margencero.com October 2012.

Solo exhibition. "Il·lusió, patiment, satisfacció". C.C. Can Castelló. Barcelona. May 2012.