Alexander Pohl

Alexander Pohl

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Born in Dortmund, Germany.

An important impulse for Alexander Pohl`s art during the last ten years turn out to be his first picture postcard works, which he created while
his stay in Italy in 1993. A scholarship at the Academy of Art in Viterbo had enabled him to take part in the project titled "Crossroads of the Arts" which envolved artists coming from all over Europe. These pieces altogether embody a diary documenting the immediate impressions of the Italian landscape, culture and the influences of the atmosphere and interaction within the group. Hence a starting point can be seen in this period, where the main characteristics of his art crystallize.

Shape Square Block
Since that time the formal paradigm of the square remains a constant factor which can be ascribed to his aesthetic imagery. This criterion of composition appears as well in the format arrangement of his works: Mostly the square determines the format or a chosen rectangular format is structured by orthographic elements in reference to the square.

Symbol Sign Icon
Another formal paradigm takes shape in the extensive use of symbols, signs and icons. They appear as invented sign rudiments or historically
connotated symbols such as the circle or the cross and receive a status as a means of communication in an over-individual context. because after all, signs constitute their meaning in the field of the appointed denotation, Alexander Pohl`s signs however lpcalize gaps in the viewer`s personal knowledge and open space for an individual "recharge".

Maike Mgge, MA,
Dortmund 2003.


1964 Born in Dortmund, Germany.1989 - 1996 Studied fine arts, graphic design and photography,FH Dortmund, University of Applied Sciences1993Exchange at the academie of fine arts, St Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Russland1994 Scholarship in Italy, Viterbo, masterstudents of european academies at the academie of fine arts, Lorenzo da Viterbo at the Pilot Projekt Crossroads of the ArtsSince 1992, Exhibitions in Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Serbia-Montenegro, South Korea, England and Cuba.
Lives and works in Dortmund, Germany.,