Hans Juergen Diez

Hans Juergen Diez

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

About Hans Juergen Diez


"I use all the traditional art genres: drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. Each genre has its own law that are not ignorable to me. For example: a drawing is the theme of line, painting is the theme of surface, and sculpture is the subject of volume, etc. So, the results of my work are fundamentally different. To view the different genres separately, use the link to "Collections". The biggest part of my pictures shown here are the "Overpaintings". They are summarized under the collection "Coloring". My overpaintings are a technique with which I can unite the entire history of the pictures. Historical or contemporary, all images combine the complexity and heterogeneity of life. Cultural history or images of everyday life are processed by me and fit together in the methodology. Some motifs are executed on the original pages of the print medium. For that I use the term of recycling art. Given the fact that there has never been such an inflation in images in human history as it is today, I use the small format as the right correspondence. I paint against the flood of images.


1973 – 1979 Student for „Painting“ and „Theory of Fine Art“, at the Academy of Art HfbK-Staedelschule, Frankfurt/M., Germany, Master of Painting, Academy of Art – HfbK-Staedelschule
1979 – 1982 Guest Student, „Art and Philosophy“, University Frankfurt/M., Germany

1986 – 1989 Assistant Professor, University of Art and Design, Offenbach/M., HfG Offenbach/M.


One man show:

1989 Galerie Thieme, Darmstadt
Friedman Guiness Galerie, Frankfurt/M.
1991 Auktionhaus Alte Oper (Kat.)
1992 Galerie Ribbentrop, Eltville/Rh.
1993 „Kulturdezernat“, München
1994 Galerie Andreas Vogt, Wiesbaden
1995 Galerie Scherer, Miltenberg
1997 „Super bone machine“, Galerie Fruchtig,
1999 Ausstellungshalle 1A, Frankfurt/M.
2004 „L-ich-T“, Station 15, Kassel
2007 Altkoenigsstift Kronberg/Ts.
2010 Saint Gabriel, Galerie f. Kunst u. Design,
2012 „Cocooning“, Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse, .
2013 IPSE, Friedrichsdorf
Kunstforum Mainturm, Flörsheim
2015 Kulturforum Hattersheim
2018-19 Karmeliter Kloster, Frankfurt/Main

Group shows:

1985 Kunstverein Frankfurt /M.
1986 Kunstverein Zweibrücken
1988 Mercedes-Niederlassung, Frankfurt/M.
„Zwischennutzung“, Frankfurt/M.
1989 ART Frankfurt, Galerie Thieme (Kat.)
„Appendix“, Frankfurt/M.
1990 ART Frankfurt,
Thieme, Friedman Guiness Gallery(Kat.)
Galerie Thieme-Lotz, Darmstadt
Galerie Ribbentrop, Eltville/Rh.
1991 Rahmenprogr. ART Frankfurt (Kat.)
Kunstverein Frankfurt (Kat.)
1992 „Art Aid“, Frankfurt/M. (Kat.)
1994 Galerie Voges & Deisen, Frankfurt/M.
1996 Schwabenheimer Kunstpfad 96,
1999 Ausstellungshalle 1a, Frankfurt /M.
2000 Ausstellungsraum Malinowski de Ligt, Frankfurt/M.
2001 „SkulpTOURENpark“, Dietzenbach(Kat.)
2002 Nationalpark, St. Andreasberg(Kat.)
2004 Sparkasse Karlsruhe
Ausstellungshalle 1a, Frankfurt/M.
2005 Digital Art, Roedermark (Kat.)
„Siegfriede“, Kunstverein Worms
2006 Sparkasse Karlsruhe
2007 Kunstblock Frankfurt
Löwenhof, Frankfurt
2008 Rosenheim Museum, Offenbach(Kat.)
Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin
2009 Jetztkunst, Nuernberg (Kat.)
2010 Interkulturelle Buehne, Frankfurt/M.
„Bazonnale“, Weimar
2011 „Kunsträume“, Frankfurt/M.,
2012 „Kunsträume“, Frankfurt/M.,
2013 PHRIX, Hattersheim
2014 Jeffrey Meier Gallery, Lambertville, NJ
2017 Ausstellungshalle 1A, Frankfurt/M.