Lawrence Nusbaum

Lawrence Nusbaum

Santa Fe, NM, United States

About Lawrence Nusbaum

By the year 1983 Lawrence had received a degree in Counseling Psychology and Studio Art from the University of Missouri adding to his previous studies in English, History, Psychology, Philosophy and Theology at Immaculate Conception Seminary, Conception, Missouri (1960-1968) An appreciation for nature, begun and nurtured on his father's farm in Kansas, Is now nourished on the pinon filled hills and mountains; on the blue, blue skies, hot sun, cool winds; on the dry, richly marbled, rocky earth; on the varied traditions of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


I've shown at a few shows in the past but most of my time is spent in discovering what I have to offer the great art pool. It takes a lot of energy and time to make art that is truly original, all me and worth showing to the public--for the public to buy.