Dominique Vitali

Dominique Vitali

Maplewood, NJ, United States

About Dominique Vitali

Dominique Vitali is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in embroidery and printmaking. Her work focuses on her personal experiences living within the confines of a female body, exploring sexuality, religion, and body image. The shared narratives of childbirth, menstruation, dysmorphia, sexual violation, and societal scrutiny all come into play and find connections with the viewers in their shared commonality. Catholicism—its pageantry, its patriarchy, and the tightrope walk between madness and mysticism—has factored heavily into much of her imagery. The stories depicted are deeply personal and, filtered through the lens of a woman, inherently political.

Dominique’s canvas of choice for her embroidered narratives is vintage lingerie, with its inherently sexual, incredibly personal, pre-existing histories. She finds it an interesting juxtaposition to tell her stories using a skill so entwined in feminine piety, all upon a canvas that is historically sexual in both its iconography (simultaneously enhancing and masking sexuality) as well as its proximity to the previous owner’s flesh. Dominique’s work in this medium plays with the aesthetic contrast between unexpected, bold imagery and delicate, utilitarian garments, oftentimes venturing unashamedly into deeply intimate subject matter.

With her works on paper, Dominique is currently immersed in an ongoing series of large-scale monoprints that explore the narratives of various women, both fictional and non-fictional, whose stories have captivated her in the shift that occurs when re-imagined through a more contemporary female lens. Her hope is to find her own truths through literally reconstructing disjointed pieces of prints and stitching them together, re-forming her own interpretations of the stories.

Dominique currently lives and works in the New York area, and has shown in galleries both in the U.S. and abroad. Recent highlights include a printmaking residency in Venice, Italy at Studio Fallani, and inclusion in the esteemed North American Printmaking Biennial. For examples of her work, please visit her website at


Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
Art Student’s League, New York, NY
New York Academy of Art, New York, NY


Persistence II / Group Exhibition / d'Art Gallery / Norfolk, VA / 3-2020 (curated by Lori Pratico)
Fine Contemporary Craft Biennial / Group Exhibition / Gallery One / Raleigh, NC / 1-2020 (curated by Mia Hall)
Body Beautiful / Group Exhibition / Untitled Space Gallery / New York, NY / 11-2019 (curated by Indira Cesarine)
Dreams / Group Exhibition / Rene Soto Gallery / Norfolk, CT / 10-2019 (curated by Juan Ramiro Torres)
CLIP: An International Exhibit of Works on Paper / Group Exhibition / 5&J Gallery / Lubbock, TX / 9-2019 (curated by Ghislaine Fremaux)
North American Print Biennial / Group Exhibition / Jewett Arts Center / Wellesley, MA / 9-2019 (curated by Shelley Langdale)
Our Bodies Our Rights / Group Exhibition / 2Creative Community / Winooski, VT / 8-2019 
Interwoven / Group Exhibition / BSB Gallery / Trenton, NJ / 8-2019 
22nd International Open / Group Exhibition / Woman Made Gallery / Chicago, IL / 8-2019 (curated by Dolores Mercado)
Innovations in Printmaking / Group Exhibition / Cade gallery / Arnold, MD / 2-2019 (curated by Jonathan Thomas)
Women Celebrating Creativity / Online Exhibition / N.A.W.A. Gallery / New York, NY / 2-2019
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Do You Copy? / Group Exhibition / Potter Gallery (Missouri Western State University) / St. Joseph, MO / 1-2015
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