Éliane Ducros

Éliane Ducros

Montreal, QC, Canada

About Éliane Ducros

Mission: Add beauty to the world by creating high quality art work accessible to all.

I just love how colors communicate with each other as well as with the eyes of the observer. They carry emotions, tell stories and set the mood. Warm colors beside colder tones vibrate. Art is life.

My pieces of work are created one touch of color at a time. It first starts with a 40-minute cover up of the surface for the eye cannot judge the colors if there is any white canvas left. This spontaneity fires me up and leaves interesting nuances or brush strokes upon which I "build". Then, I address the areas that require more attention.

I explore. I discover. I stay open (most of the time). I hesitate, become frustrated, then let go and let loose once more. All of it transpires in the work. Painting soothes me. It gives me a window of beauty.

Eventually, there comes a time where peace settles itself between me and my art work. It is time to put down the brush... and sign.


Ce qui me touche, c’est la communication qu’ont entre elles les couleurs qui tantôt s’entrechoquent, tantôt s’appuient, toujours expressives. Le dynamisme des vibrations, la poésie des contrastes,
le chaud qui cotoie le froid.

Fascinée par ce qui ne se mesure pas, je trouve une plus grande richesse à l’intérieur qu’à l’extérieur. Les émotions, ce qui fait vibrer l’autre, ses croches comme sa lumière sont plus intéressants que sa position sociale.

Par une technique mixte utilisant spatules, pinceaux et « markers », pastel à l’huile, peintures acrylique et aérosol, je superpose les couleurs sur canevas ou sur panneau de bois.

Le réalisme sur fond de couleurs émotives...
non pas une quête de perfection, mais d’authenticité.


Studied graphic design at UQAM Montréal with top international designers: Alfred Halassa, Frédéric Metz, Marc H. Choko, Mieteck Gorowski.

Painting in Tuscany Italy and Montreal Canada.


Éliane Ducros explored and presented her latest art pieces at New York ARTEXPO,
Pier 94, booth S200, from April 21st to 24th, 2017.


Pier 94, booth S200, from April 21st to 24th, 2017

Reversion – a figurative Group Art exhibition at the Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto April 29-30 2016

The Artist Project | Contemporary Art Fair in Toronto February 18-21 2016