Elena Gjorgjievska

Elena Gjorgjievska


About Elena Gjorgjievska

Born on 15.03.1982 in Bitola, Macedonia.


...By incorporating pieces of cardboard as segments that come out of the frame I am trying to create a powerful visual sensation.Minimal exceeding of the expected height, width and length, minimal game of shadows and flutter.The frame usually serves to limit,distinguish and emphasize the painting against the space were it is displayed.I am trying to avoid that.Let the painting be an integral part of the space which surrounds it, let it breathe and share the same space.I treat the paintings both as particular entities and as a whole- each painting in relation to the one before it, after it and against it- the complementary one. The same story in variations, a story on the idea how to reach the individual through the feeling and the relation with the universal. The very title''Anthropogeometrisms'' points that the subject of my interest in the artworks is the human figure. I was dealing with variations of the ambivalent game of the general and the particular.The title also points that the treatment of the figures in the compositions is geometric, and my artistic idiom and sensibility are lead by reason, mathematical precision, scheme, reduction to a universal, essential formula, to something that unites people ontologically, regardless of their race, class, religion, nation, political conviction, time, space or other thinking constructions. The artworks include organized structures of broken forms which show the running of the human energy, the esthetical dimension in which the concept of the human form is split into geometric modules, an interior structure which is an outcome of the subconscious and spiritual, of intuition and reason. This common and simultaneous engagement renders a visualization of artistic forms as an expression, contents and reflection of the inner impulses. I take the human figure as a structure or a system made of subsystems with which I can inventively and esthetically play by the creative artistic rules. The male and the female body forms are complementary and compatible, different and equal in their significance, essence and beauty. The forms are fractioned, split, they follow a certain logic of mine. A topic that is so common, close to banal, yet close to the essence, as well- two human beings- a man and a woman who quarrel, fight, compete, dance, laugh, love, confront, inspire. They posses no individual features, they are stylized. Representations of two forms of humans. The basic information is the human bodies. A union of opposites with different qualities. They are incomplete beings, and together they make a perfect- whole. That story is as old as the humankind. Repetition of contingent, consistent, successive forms which are in illusion of a three-dimensional feature and movement which intrusively attacks the senses of the viewer. My paintings disturb through the fractioned forms and the brutal impact of colors on the senses. But the brutal impact of colors, sounds, smells, beautiful visual sensations- natural and artificial, from all sides, are part of our everyday and culture. This is a representation of my own experience of the human subsistence, disregarding the individual and cherishing the global awareness that we all strive for the same happiness and balance with the all-existing. The human being, its nature, its value, set before us like a question. Picture of human figures which could be anyone from the past, present or future. The one from the past and the future has inner human code that binds their requirements and objectives. The way of attaining the objective is changing, but the meaning of laughter and cry does not change. The essence of life, its preciousness are the same for each one who existed and who will exist. Man is an individual in itself, a unique experience, and also a representative of the entire human culture and nation. Basically, each human being is energy in motion with millions of possible variations of moods, reactions, actions, yet there is something human which unites us and helps us understand each other, communicate on different levels and ways, exchange different energies, develop and grow independently and help each other. Man as a concept, as a spiritual-material laboratory,as a machine that creates, imagines and devises is the object of an everyday, continuously renewed fascination. The humanness, being human in its most general and most particular relation is an object of everyday inspiration,a wonder that never stops astonishing...


Graduated in 2005 from the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. In 2008 acquired a MA degree from the same Faculty. Member of DLUM (Association of Artists of Macedonia) since 2006 and DLUB (Association of artists of Bitola) since 2007.

Solo exhibitions:

-2007,Bitola,Salon of DLUB, Fluent Unions
-2008,Skopje,Museum of the City of Skopje, Anthropogeometrisms
-2009,Bitola,Salon of DLUB,Imaginated faces

Group exhibition:

-2003,Skopje,MNT(Macedonian National Theatre),Ohrid, exhibition of the students of Faculty of Fine Arts-Skopje
-2006,Skopje,Museum of the City of Skopje, annual exhibition of DLUM
-2007,Bitola,Salon of DLUB, Prilep, The woman as inspiration
-2007,Skopje,Youth Cultural Centre,Artistic Dialogues
-2007,Bitola,Salon of DLUB,Landscape-small scale
-2007,Bitola,Art Gallery, annual exhibition of DLUB
-2007,Bitola,Art Gallery,4th of November,DLUB
-2007,Skopje,Museum of the City of Skopje, annual exhibition of DLUM
-2008,Prilep,Art Gallery, exhibition of DLUB
-2008,Paris,Cite international des arts, exhibition of DLUM
-2008,Bitola,Magaza, Exhibition of young artists of DLUB
-2008,Bitola,Museum and Institute,4th of November,DLUB
-2008,Skopje,Museum of the City of Skopje,annual exhibition of DLUM
-2009,Skopje,Museum of the City of Skopje, annual exhibition of DLUB-08
-2009,Bitola,Museum and Institute, annual exhibition of DLUB-08
-2009,Bitola,Museum and Institute,annual exhibition of DLUB
-2009,Bitola,Museum and Institute,4th of November,DLUB
-2009,Skopje,Culture Informative Centre, Pictures of the female soul
-2010,Skopje,Salon of DLUM,drawing and graphic 2010
-2010,Bitola,Museum and Institute of Bitola,Annual exhibition of asossiation of artists of Bitola
-2010,Imai Museum, Mitsuke City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan,5th Blue Sky Project exhibition
-2010,International Mail Art Exhibition- The portrait
History Museum Aiud, Romania
You can see my other paintings at www.dlum.org.mk,