Elmira Lilic

Elmira Lilic

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Elmira Lilic

Lilić’s artwork is akin to a spiritual practice, a form of surrender to a greater force. Elmira’s artistic expression is the language of her soul; the final product is a record of visions that help her see the world in different ways. Her mission is to capture balance, purpose and communication on the canvas. She is dedicated to using art as her tool of self-expression, exploring her challenges, finding her truth and contributing to world evolution.

Each painting begins with a meditation on a particular subject or affirmation. Much influenced by nature, her surroundings, life situations and global environment. The gestural movements of the brushstrokes, vivid colors and textured materials overtake you and you become immersed in the painting itself as if you’ve become a part of it. Lilic’s paintings incorporate earth elements such as; crystals, shells, sand, flower and crystal powders, the paintings are infused with herbal mists. All of your senses get to experience her paintings.

While the meditative process guides her through the journey of creation, the paintings reach completion with a final Reiki charge that becomes a portal and energy source for the world to connect with.


Art Fairs

2018 The Other Art Fair, Santa Monica, CA

Group Shows

2017, LAM Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, “Bosnian Born”
2015, Michael Kate Interiors & Art Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA, “PSYCHED”

Solo Shows

2016, Veronique Wantz Gallery, Minneapolis MN, “Flutter”

2014, Allmost Gallery & Studio, Los Angeles, CA, “Decadent Dreams: An Exploration of Creativity and Expression”