Elham Moaidnia

Elham Moaidnia

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About Elham Moaidnia

Elham Moaidnia, Iranian-Australian Contemporary Artist, born in Isfahan, Iran and now lives in Dubai, UAE. She graduated with a BA in Painting from Faculty Arts and Architecture (art) of Azad university in Tehran in 2002.

Elham has exhibited artworks in several solo and group exhibitions in Iran, Australia and UAE.

Her work offers a stylistically unique painterly approach, for which, she has gained her international reputation. She uses imagination as a key to unlocking our emotional and basic human desires and our sincere drive towards light and self-actualisation.

I started scribbling with pencil and paper since I was not yet ten. I was fascinated by these so-called drawings as well as the real world around me, and soon I developed a deep love for this, which has not left me and has grown by the day.

The principal essence and message of my works are social, and I am impressed by the life of man in today's world, especially the fate of women and her condition.

Two main features in my works are first: descriptive, where I narrate the events or realities i observe. In proportion to the strength or placidity of my emotion vs. the subject of work, my sentimental passion is also influenced, and shows itself colourful or discoloured on the canvas.

Colours play the central role in reflecting my message; then come the lines and curves, etc. I have displayed numerous points in my paintings such as lack of identity in society, Gradual losing of roots, too much involvement in the empty rituals, engaging in political matters which have been the main spice of peoples hard life. Also the fear of war and not having soldiers to send to the battlefield.


1992 1996: Graduated in Graphic, High school of Fine Arts - Honarhaye Ziba (One of the earliest and distinguished art schools in Iran), Isfahan, Iran

1996 2001: BA in Art, Azad University, Faculty of architecture and Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran


- Welcome to the Party: 2016 | Solo | Showcase Gallery | Dubai, UAE

- Group exhibition: 2013 | Group | Sydney, Australia

- Group exhibition : 2010 | Group | TVH Gallery | Sydney, Australia

- Who could have imagined: 2008 | Solo | Showcase gallery | Dubai, UAE

- Iran today: 2008 | Solo | Showcase gallery | Dubai, UAE

- 100 paintings from 100 Artists: 2003 | Group| Golestan gallery | Tehran, Iran

- 100 paintings from 100 Artists: 2002 | Group| Asar gallery| Tehran, Iran

- Decorative: 2002| Group | Atashzad art gallery | Tehran, Iran

- The bird: 2002| Solo| Atashzad art gallery | Tehran, Iran

- Mural: 2001 | Group | German embassy | Tehran, Iran

- Ashoora: 2001 | Group| Atashzad art gallery | Tehran, Iran

- Charity: 1998| Group| Tehran complex gallery | Tehran, Iran

- Painting on Ceramic: 1996| Group| Hafez tower gallery| Tehran, Iran

- Enghelab Theme: 1995 | Solo | Naghshe Jahan art gallery | Isfahan, Iran

- Esfahan: 1995 | Group| Naghshe Jahan art gallery| Isfahan, Iran