Elina Plume

Elina Plume

Kekavas pagasts, Kekavas novads, Latvia

About Elina Plume

I'm an artist, based in Kekava, Latvia.

I am slowly turning into my own individual artistic path, which is minimalistic, light (even when using rugged elements) and thought motional in sculptures, installations and graphics;

Impressionable with stillness, exquisite and well-considered proportions and tonal palette in painting.

The common denominator for all of my creative processes and results is the ambiguity of an idea.

Usually people ask about inspirations and favorite artists, so, my link to pinterest and instagram profile is ready for those, who are interested in the following answer or probably just want to see some inspirational images.

Everything around me, my past and my future, big dreams versus fascinating, tiny details, actions and statics, art itself, even world's ugliness and execration can be my muse.


2012-2018 - Art Academy of Latvia, audio-visual communication department.

Before academy (2008-2012), I studied in Design and Art school in Riga, environmental design department.

Even before that, I went to local art school for eleven years (1997-2008)


May 2018 - Contemporary art exhibition "MMXVIII" in Kim? CAC, Riga; group exhibition; Latvia's 100th birthday programme

January 2017 - Contemporary art solo-exhibition "Opposites" in exhibition hall of Kekava, Latvia;

May 2016 - Contemporary art exhibition "5 Rooms" in Art Academy of Latvia. Group exhibition of 6 participants;

August 2015 - Painting exhibition in cafe "Mierā", Riga, Latvia. Solo exhibition;

May-June 2015 - Painting exhibition "Alla Prima(vera)" in Gallery-art supply store "Zīmulis un Ota", Riga, Latvia. Group exhibition of 4 participants;

December 2014 - Contemporary art exhibition "XCII" in RIXC (The center for New Media Culture), Riga, Latvia. Group exhibition of 9 participants.