Eszter Papp

Eszter Papp

Budapest, Hungary

About Eszter Papp

Eszter Papp, 31 is a Hungarian documentary, fine art photographer and visual artist.

In her work she tries to highlight the paradoxical nature of manmade products and the duality of them when interacting with natural elements in our modern times. They can appear in beautiful forms and enhance our lives in ingenious ways, however at the same time they can also be destructive and exploitative.
She likes to create abstract, experimental, dream-like scapes incorporating her intuition and feelings when it comes to colours, rather then predetermine those.

When not creating art, she produces assignments internationally for sustainable companies and environmental news services such as Eco-Business.

Eszter is also proudly part of the Artist for Air initiative of Tomorrow's Air, a company Incubated by the Adventure Travel Trade Association and in partnership with Climeworks helping preserve clean air for future generations.

She is also a producer and art director on the documentary feature film A Life Electric, which was selected at Breaking Through The Lens Programme at the Cannes 2019 Film Festival. She currently works at Far Features Ltd., a media production company producing documentaries for clients including VICE News, BBC, CNN and National Geographic.

In her latest personal photo series called Our Social Distance she experiments with ways to create images amidst the pandemic via live webcam portrait shoots. She manipulates the images through layers and colours echoing a sense of distorted reality the viewer and the subject have formed under isolation. Using this new way of making images, Eszter has been able to make portraits of subjects in Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Italy, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, UK and USA.

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Eszter's work has been exhibited across South East Asia and Europe and rests in many private collections. She has been published at Loosen Art Gallery online, the International Photo Magazine, Art of The Isolation Magazine, F-Stop Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Psychologies Magazine,

She is currently rappresented by Alessandro Berni Gallery (New York/Italy).

She is a regularly featured artist on Saatchi and her works have been included in Saatchi's 2020 Holiday Catalogue including New Original Art and Limited Edition Prints and in Saatchi's 2020 Fall catalogue and in many weekly highlights & collections.



Eszter has a joint MA degree in Marketing from Budapest Corvinus University and Singapore Management University and a Photography diploma from Szellemkep Szabadiskola school in Budapest.


Past event: Rome, Loosen Art Gallery, THE MAN AND THE MACHINE -Photo & digital visual International Group Exhibition, 2020, 11.10-18.


Rome, Loosen Art Gallery, THE MAN AND THE MACHINE -Photo & digital visual International Group Exhibition, 2020, 11.10-18.
Singapore- DECK Art Gallery, 2016
Mesterek és tanítványok - Budapest Bálna 2015
Fényírók városa – 20 éves a Szellemkép Szabadiskola – Budapest Bálna 2014
Szellemkép 20 – Patyolat//Próbaüzem Kulturális Befogadótér, Budapest 2014