Eva Vapenkova

Eva Vapenkova

Prague, Czech Republic

About Eva Vapenkova

...empty space can be seen in tension of two matters. Exactly fabricated form and purely emotional notes. Monotone and constant repetition remains an unchanging Order. It represents me the Horizon. In its nature predestined to impress the Infinity and Endless repetition. Line of Horizon plays a tune, keeps rhythm of the union between heaven and earth. Horizon is visible border separating the area that I am able to gain from incomprehensible Emptiness, although it is actually a part of it.


Charles University in Prague (2003-2009) - Art History
Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2009-2015)
- Studio of Restoration of Painted Artworks (2009-2013)
- Printmaking Studio I (2013-2015)

Member of Association of Czech Graphic Artist Hollar