Evelyn Hamilton

Evelyn Hamilton

Eindhoven, noord-brabant, Netherlands

About Evelyn Hamilton

Looking at her paintings you can see immediately that painting is her passion. The striking composition and her powerful brushstrokes make her paintings so exceptional. Especially painting movement and emotion as captivating as possible fascinates her enormously.

Evelyn "Painting is an exciting journey that never ends"
"I still develop myself every day. Thats what makes painting so fascinating"

Evelyn graduated from the Academy of fine Arts in Belgium were she specializes in portrait and anatomy. She works mainly with oilpaint on linen.

There's an interview published in a New york mens magazine "Style no Chaser". Here is a piece of the article:

Evelyn Hamilton is always searching for that magical moment to capture in her paintings. She wants that moment to apprehend the attention of those who view her work and linger in their minds. Evelyn's work is thick with emotion and soul, and she has been very successful in subduing viewers with images that draw one in and leaves you immersed in a labyrinth of gnawing questions - Who are those people? Are they in love? Is she lonely? Is she mythical? Are they in the act? It is amazing that paintings can leap off canvases and induce query sessions so persistent that you need to find the artist and learn his/her personal story.

Evelyn possesses something really unique and we are thankful that her paintings forced us to find her and ask her the questions below.

You can read more about her in this article:
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Academy of fine Arts, Arendonk, Belgium
Graduated with high honarable mention.

I studied and worked also for graphic designer and surface designer (designing patterns for textile and gift wraps)


You can read more about me in this article:

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Hope to see you soon on one of my expos after Covid 19


KNOKKE Galerie Pjez Unik, 2020
LAREN Art Laren Fair, 2020
BREDA Art Breda Fair 2019
ANTWERP Gallery Pjez Unik, Antwerpen 2019
AMSTERDAM First Art Fair Amsterdam 2019
LONDON Hilton, on Park Lane.
AMSTERDAM Affordable Art Fair 2017 / 2018/2019
DEN BOSCH Art event, Veilinghuis Christie's 2017
ANTWERP, Gallery Pjez Unik, Antwerpen, Belgium,
Group-Exhibition "Lusty Art" www.pjezunik.com
GENT Centrum voor artistiek talent, Gent, Belgium
AMSTERDAM, Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
EINDHOVEN Gallery "Meet the creators"
Estate "de Haere", Olst, SOLO-expo Netherlands,
Castle Woerden, Woerden. Solo-expo, Netherlands


-van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
-Galerie Meander, Zevenaar, The Netherlands
-Galerie Living Art, Den Bosch. The Netherlands
-House of Arts, Grave, The Netherlands
-kasteelhoeve Alta Ripa, Turnhout. Belgium
-Galerie Covalenco , Geldrop, The Netherlands
-Galerie Models in Art, Delft, The Netherlands
-Restaurant Dende, Leiden,The Netherlands
-World Trade Center, Eindhoven,The Netherlands
-Nova Art gallery, Eindhoven,The Netherlands
-Art Event, Antwerpen, Belgium