The Excessionistical Circle

The Excessionistical Circle

Mainhardt, Germany

About The Excessionistical Circle

Collaborative Art Project

Term for an art style, in which the artwork arises out of simultaneous creative processes.

The term Excessionism was developed and cultivated by the group "The Excessionistic Circle" in 1988. Excessionism means a process-oriented approach within the fine arts, in which creative synergies can be experienced. Excessionism means a certain kind of collaborative art.
The concept of Excessionism consists of creational processes by two or more persons mutually inspiring, obstructing, annoying, enjoying and affecting each other.

Teamwork and team spirit are the heart of Excessionism. However, contrary to the rules of society, Excessionism is inordinate, sometimes unrestrained ... Therefore Excessionism is also conceptionless: it does not follow any rules or any other basic ideas.

The emergence of Excessionism in fine arts is reminiscent of the emergence of Free-Jazz in music, comparable to jam sessions or early rock music.


studies of art & music 1989 - 1993


1992 - Stuttgart
1994 - Tübingen
2006 - Göppingen
2008 - galerie kunstverdacht
2009 - Berlin
2013 - galerie kunstverdacht
2015 - galerie kunstverdacht