Isaac Hammond

Isaac Hammond

Darkuman-Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

About Isaac Hammond

Isaac Hammond is a Ghanaian self-taught artist who works mostly with the pencil and explores other media too. Art for him is a way of attaining joy for myself and also arousing it in the viewer.

He doesn't work on a particular theme or style. He varies it depending on the message he wants to convey.

The final outcome is not what only brings him joy but the process and progress as well and also seeing that his art puts smiles on the faces of people creating a lasting impression on them.

He believes a lot of the stuff we do in life is more or less geared towards getting some form of joy....and the more joy we have the more vibrant and peaceful our lives will be.

He says when you saw that handsome dude or that pretty lady whom you went after, it wasn't the beauty per se that gravitated you to him/her but the joy you felt....and more so wanting to have more of it.

He maintains that whenever joy sets in, something's got to leave !


Isaac Hammond never had any formal education in art. His improvement has largely emerged from practice, learning, observation and trial and error.