Frank Ettenberg

Frank Ettenberg

Santa Fe, NM, United States

About Frank Ettenberg

FE has been involved with art since 1960. That year he decided to become an artist. Nothing has dissuaded him since then. From that beginning, Frank's been been drawn to seeing what he can do with non-objective picturemaking. Part of his journey is to be seen here, at Saatchi. Imagination has much to do with it, also a love of contrast, and efficient, ingenious, & sometimes an intense working-process. Inspired and engaging, this sort of process is designed to draw you in.


New York University - 1960 - Scholarship Painting class with Robert Kaupelis, New York University-University of Michigan, B.S. in Design, 1966-University of New Mexico, M.A. in Painting,1971. Study with Earl Jacobs, Jr, Alvin Loving, and John Kacere at the University of New Mexico


Frank Ettenberg & Jeff Uffelman--A DOUBLE EXPOSURE
13 September 2013, Kristin Johnson Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA


City of Mud, Santa Fe (2018)
Detroit Institute of Art, Michigan Artists Annual, 1965
Roswell Museum of Art, January, 1972, One-Person Show
Artium Orbis Gallery, Santa Fe, June, 1972
Harris Gallery, Houston Texas, 1982
Wright Gallery, Dallas, Texas, 1984, 1985
'Art of Albuquerque', Albuquerque Museum of Contemporary Art, Autumn 2010